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Leather Brigandine (Coat of Plates Armour)

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The Leather Brigandine (Coat of Plates Armour) made by Deepeeka is an accurate replica ornate based off historical research and authentic in its design. A brigandine, a form of body armour, is a cloth garment, generally canvas or leather, lined with small oblong steel plates riveted to the fabric. The form of the brigandine is essentially the same as the civilian doublet, though it is commonly sleeveless. However, depictions of brigandine armor with sleeves are known. Many brigandines appear to have had larger, somewhat 'L-shaped' plates over the lungs. The rivets, or nails, attaching the plates to the fabric are often decorated, being gilt or of latten and often embossed with a design. Brigandines were essentially a refinement of the earlier coat of plates, which developed in the late 12th century and typically were of simpler construction and used larger plates. It was commonly worn over a gambeson and mail shirt and it was not long before this form of protection was commonly used by soldiers ranging in rank from archers to knights. This version comes with hand stitched leather outer and inner shell with steel plates riveted in between. Measurements are 48" chest and 37" waist. Weight is approximately 10lbs. This is perfect for completing your high-end costume, to add to your collection or to simply impress friends and armour enthusiasts!

  • Made by Deepeeka

  • Historically accurate and authentic design

  • Made of hand-stitched leather

  • Suitable for reenactments, high-end costumes or collection, or a perfect gift

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