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Gold Dragon Tai Chi Sword
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Gold Dragon Tai Chi Sword

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Chinese Swords: Legend and History

The sword of China has a legendary past and fascinating history worthy of true archeological study. The Dao, or the single-edged cutting sword, is purported to be the invention of Sui Renshi, the mythical San Huang emperor who made it by melting pure gold. Chinese swords were either male or female (xiong or ci); names were given to them; and many supposedly had magical powers with the ability to utter sound or illuminate the dark. The double-edged straight sword, or Jian, also had mythical origins , being made of gold with supernatural powers of frightening evil spirits or morphing into animal form.

From an archeological perspective, The Shang Dynasty (c. 1700-c.1100 BC) achieved the mastery of bronze and dominated northern china until they were overthrown by the Zhou. The warfare of this period was undertaken with the bow and arrow, and dagger-axes of bronze known as ge for hand-to-hand combat. Later in the Shang period, the bronze knife made its debut with an animal-headed pommel or ring pommel, which eventually developed into the ring-pommeled sword.

The earliest Chinese swords were of the Jian type, cast in bronze with short, leaf-shaped blades of about 14 inches. With the increasing development of the cavalry in Chinese warfare in the sixth century, the sword itself developed and improved with hollow hilts, longer blades and strengthened tangs. By the fourth and third century, a fully developed Jian of bronze had been used, with ornate gilding and inscriptions of ancestral heritage. The bishou (hand dagger) developed concurrently, and and was used with simpler versions of the Jian, and the single-edged xiao or ring-pommeled dagger.

Iron and steel soon made their way into Chinese sword design, as evidenced by the steel Jian from the Han Empire (207 BC - AD 9), which boasted carved wooden fittings, lacquered bamboo scabbards and Jade ornamentation. By the late Tang or early Song period, the first Dao developed to be the most common sword used by the Chinese military, especially the cavalry. The Ming and Ching Dynasties, the dao was thought of as any cutting weapon, and took the form of halberds and staff weapons with curved cutting blades. But most surviving Chinese swords and weapons come from the later Qing period of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Here we have gorgeous extant examples of jeweled Jians made for the Imperial Court, and many dao made for Manchu officials. The majority of modern quality creations are based on these historic examples.

Chinese Swords For Sale

Swords of the East is proud to present this selection of functional Chinese swords for your consideration. Functional staples of Martial Arts weaponry like the Chinese Jian (double-edged straight sword), and the Dao saber (a single-edged cutting weapon) are offered along side tai-chi swords and other Chinese weapons at an incredible value. All our swords are from reputable forges known for creating solid weapons with durable functionality and purpose. Your can search our selection of Chinese swords for sale by Forge, Type, Steel or by Price.

We are known for providing Martial Arts training weapons to the sword community with a price-beating guarantee, assuring students and collectors alike that they will not be taken advantage of in the pursuit of their training or collections. Our collection of Chinese swords and weapons is continually evolving and we welcome your suggestions or comments in order to improve our offerings.