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Swords Of The East is the leader in custom samurai swords. For all of your custom swords needs, look no further than us. This page allows you to easily design and order a unique samurai sword. Each aspect of the samurai sword can be customized in our easy to use format below. Simply make your selections and pick out each aspect of the sword!  

The main pricing factor for your custom samurai sword is the type of steel you select. 

Please allow up to eight weeks for delivery of your sword, most swords take much less than this! But please do remember that each katana is a work of art. You are getting a completely handmade, very sharp, battle ready, incredible sword. Once you place your order you will be emailed a confirmation with all of the details you have selected of your custom sword. We will get the ball rolling and ship it to the address you provide as soon as it is ready! Tracking will be provided like a normal order. We know you are excited to get your one of a kind sword! There are tens of thousands of combinations to choose from, so you are getting a one of a kind katana! 

Click On The Product Below Marked Custom Samurai Sword to Get Started Creating Your One Of A Kind Samurai Sword.

Nakago: Tang of blade

Mune-Machi: Notch in the back of a blade to stop the habaki.

Ha-Machi: Edge notch where blade joins tang

Mekugi-Aan: Tang Hole

Mei: Signature

Yasuri-Mei: File marks on tang

Nagasa: Blade (from tip of kissaki to munemachi)

Kissaki: The point of a blade

Boshi: Shape of temper line at the kissaki (point)

Yokote: Line between ji and kissaki

Ji/Hiraji: sword surface between the shinogi and the hamon

Hamon: Temper pattern along blade edge

Shinogi: Ridges on each side of a blade

Shinogi-Ji: Sword flat between the mune and shinogi

Mune: Back ridge of sword blade

Mono-Uchi: Portion of blade 4 or 5 inches below the point. Striking point

Ha: Cutting edge of a sword

Sori: Curve

Hi/Bohi: Groove

Koshirae: Sword mountings including Saya, tsuka and Toso/Tosogu.

Toso/Tosogu: Sword-furniture, I.E.: Fittings, Fuchi-Kashira; Habaki, Seppa, Menuki and Tsuba

Tsuba: Sword guard

Fuchi-Kashira: set of hilt collar (fuchi) and butt cap (kashira).

Menuki: Ornaments under handle wrapping to improve grip

Habaki: Collar around blade above the tang to fit the blade securely into scabbard

Seppa: Washers to fill out space provided for tsuba on blade

Tsuka: Sword handle.

Ito/Tsuka ito: Braid for wrapping handle

Tsuka-maki: art of wrapping the handle of a sword.

Mekugi: Bamboo peg or metal rivet holding the handle on a sword

Same/Same-kawa: Patch of skin from belly of giant ray, used on sword handles and sometimes on scabbards

Saya: Scabbard of sword.

Sageo: Cord or braid attached to kurikata on side of scabbard

Koiguchi: The mouth of the scabbard or its fitting

Kurikata: Scabbard (saya) fitting for attaching the sageo

Kojiri: Bottom end fitting on scabbard

Shito-Dome: Small collars in the kurikata and/or kashira

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