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Welcome to Swords of the East!

We started Swords Of The East with the goal of taking all of the hassles out of getting an authentic, high quality, functional samurai sword here in America. We traveled to Asia, met with the top forges, and sourced direct to get our customers the highest quality samurai swords at the lowest prices. Although we now ship all over the world, and have a larger selection of products than just swords, we still stick to the same morals and ideals. The customer should be able to get the highest quality swords easily at the lowest prices possible. We know that these specialty goods will be treasured for generations to come, so we make sure you are getting only the best! If you need help finding your perfect sword simply send us an email or give us a call, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find your perfect blade.

Swords of the East, Inc. is proud to offer a peerless selection of functional Japanese Samurai swords and authentic, functional katana for collectors and practicing martial artists. Here you'll find premium Japanese swords from Cold Steel, Paul Chen swords by Hanwei, authentic Samurai swords hand-forged from Imperial Forge and Thaitsuki Nihonto, and competition-grade katana swords from Ryumon and Sky Jiro. We carry the complete line of Cold Steel swords and knives, as well as the highly desirable Ten Ryu forge.  We offer premium wakizashi, tanto, Iaito and functional Chinese swords and accessories for those desiring the finest quality swords at prices unmatched in the industry. We have recently added a category called "Other SOTE" in which you can find additional types of Eastern style weapons as our product lines continue to expand. If there is a product produced by any of our manufacturers that you don't see listed, we probably carry it, so please inquire here at .

A Note from our Owners

Swords of the East specializes in the Japanese Katana sword as it is the most desirable type of blade in the world today. There is a huge demand for functional, competitive blades for practising martial artists and collectors, and we are committed to providing these weapons at the best prices possible.  Our management team consists of practising martial artists (Tai Kwon Do, Kendo, etc.) sword enthusiasts, a collector, and even a theatrical fight choreographer, who all realize that exorbitant pricing only hurts our industry by limiting the number of people who can attain the weapons  they need.  We work hard to maintain relationships with the most trusted and sought after manufacturers so that we can deliver the best prices possible to our loyal customers and invigorate the industry.  We welcome your comments and invite you to request specific products or lines that we do not currently carry.  We are continually expanding our relationships and product lines, and are committed to serving you!  You may Email the ownership team here at with any questions or feedback.

Our  $10 Price-Beating Guarantee

Just send us an email to get the best price's that simple!

You've heard of price matching...meaning a store in question agrees to match any competitor's price? Well, we at SOTE are committed to BEATING our competitors prices, and making sure our sword community is not overpaying for its equipment. If you see the samurai sword for sale that you want at a lower online price, simply send us the product link. If it is the same product, in new condition, and not an auction item (which are often product returns or imitations) we will BEAT that competitor's price by at least $10, provided it does not violate the manufacturers minimum price agreement. Please get confirmation from our sales team before purchasing and we will send you a link to purchase with Swords of the East at your requested price level!  Please keep in mind that we offer free standard shipping on all of our swords while many of our competitors do not.  The overall competitive price, including shipping, will be used in determining if you are eligible to receive the discount.  We will not be undersold. Period!
Please inquire here at .

Manager's Note About Pricing ...

Let's face it...prices are all over the map, particularly in the internet / e-commerce environment.  Many factors contribute to this.  Many with katanas for sale are actually selling damaged returns or imitation products as originals for much less than comparable products you'll find.  Other unauthorized resellers will simply ignore the manufacturer's regulations for resale pricing, and hope to survive on volume selling, with no concern for the negative impact this will have on the sword community at large.  This practice hurts the manufacturer and their brand value, causes pricing to rise, and is simply unethical.  We at SOTE will not engage in these selling practices, and are under voluntary ethical guidelines for business practices.  We are Authorized Resellers and work to keep a strong relationship between manufacturers and the sword community. This is in everyone's best interest!

With that being said, there are other Authorized Resellers  who simply charge too much in our opinion. That is their perogative, and we do not fault them. However, our purpose for being in business in not simply to profit, but to further advance the industry and help those who practice the Sword Arts to get what they need as inexpensively as possible.  Of course we want to make money...there is a lot of work involved in what we do and we need to survive!  But as Artists ourselves, the purpose in starting  this business goes beyond profit, and we think you'll see a clear difference in dealing with Swords of the East.  So just contact us, and let us help you get the new,  premium swords you need at the price you want. 

The Management Team