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raptor katana
raptor katanaPaul Chen Raptor Shobu Zukuri

Paul Chen Raptor Shobu Zukuri

5160 high-carbon steel
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CAS / Hanwei
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CAS / Hanwei: Classic Forged Series

Product Description

SH2417 -- Raptor Shobu Zukuri

The Raptor Shobu-Zukuri (Iris Leaf) blade has an elegant shape and powerful cutting ability. Notable for the absence of a Yokote transition, this blade design became popular during the Nanbokucho era (1336 ~1392 AD) and its popularity continued into the Muromachi period.

Samurai swords made by Hanwei.

5160 high-carbon steel

Overall length: 45.5"
Blade length: 29"
Handle length: 13"
Weight: 2lb 12oz

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