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How to Start a Sword Collection

If you’re just starting out as a sword collector, you have an awful lot to learn, but of course the study and learning is half the fun of being a collector. There are almost as many types of sword collector as there are swords. This guide is for you if you are starting out at least, as a casual collector who just likes swords and wants to start a collection for its aesthetic value and for your own interest.

First though, a word of advice if your aspirations are far more serious and you plan to collect original swords, the ones with price tags running into four figures and more. The advice is this: Buy a lot of books on the type of sword you want to collect, get to know others who already collect that type of sword and research the subject online. In other words, this means study, study, study, before you ever buy your first piece.

Assuming you are still here, which means you are planning to be a casual collector, here is some useful guidance to get your sword collecting hobby under way.

Just Focus on What You Like

In order for you to be inspired by your first purchase and retain the desire to keep collecting, the best thing to do is just focus on whatever sword most appeals to you for your first purchase. As a novice casual sword collector it’s not necessary to get hung up on what type of metal a sword is made from or who the manufacturer is. Just go with what looks and feels good to you.

Get Hands-On

Of course, to know what looks and feels right, you need to get up-close and personal with some swords. Although there are some great online suppliers with good reputations selling excellent quality swords, such as Swords of the East, it’s wise to get out on a shopping trip in the bricks and mortar world first.

Remember, you can always buy your first sword online, but if you can get your hands on some of the swords you like in a physical store, you will know which one you want the most and then you can go home and search for it among the online sword suppliers. The important point is to get some physical idea of the sword you want to buy first. Take a notepad with you to jot down manufacturers and model numbers so you can search for them online later.

Choose from Three Collectible Sword Types

Either while you are on your shopping trip or even before you go, try to establish which type of collector’s sword appeals to you the most. There are three main types to choose from:

·        Replica swords are accurate representations of original, real world swords, such as Japanese Samurai swords, Scottish claymores or Spanish rapiers.

·        Movie replicas are often beautiful reproductions of swords you may have seen in movies such as “Lord of the Rings”.

·        Fantasy swords are creative products inspired by movies and books about myth and magic or science fiction.

Once you have decided on the type of sword you want and tried out some examples, it’s time to break out on your own and start browsing online for your first ever collectors sword. Enjoy your search and welcome to your new hobby – Long may you enjoy it.