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The Sky Jiro Forge

The Sky Jiro Forge is considered the “new benchmark” sword studio in the United States, Australia, and China. In 2007, Sky Jiro partnered with David Goldberg, who is known as a professional Japanese swordsmith.  David Goldberg began his swordsmithing career back in 1987 and was trained by the Soshu tradition under the Kanefusa lineage in Gifu, Japan.

Along with Mr. Goldberg’s expertise, Sky Jiro Forge is now considered to be offering some of the highest quality swords available on the market at their given price points. What separates Sky Jiro from other brands is the fact that each sword that they manufacture carries a lifetime guarantee. Sky Jiro has also recruited some of the highest grade traditional Japanese trained smiths in Asia, all of which have more than 10 years of experience.

The Sky Jiro Forge offers a number of swords that a martial arts practitioner can train and cut with. Yet, the swords are also battle ready and are considered fully functional samurai swords.

Sky Jiro Katana

Each blade that the Sky Jiro Forge makes is from the finest grade materials available. The Sky Jiro swordsmiths do not use standard carbon steel to make their blades. Instead, they create their own carbon steel mixes, which create some of the finest samurai blades available.

The katana that Sky Jiro create are also done through a special proprietary forging process. The hardening and polishing techniques that are done for each sword have been refined through implementing classical techniques to process from generation to generation. The fittings that go along with the blade are exclusively designed by Sky Jiro’s leading artesian designers. With the katana featuring the correct Japanese katana shape and size, many feel that this makes Sky Jiro swords perform very well.

What is nice about the Sky Jiro brand is that it offers swords beginning at the entry level and work their way up to higher grade samurai swords. An entry level Sky Jiro katana will cost you about $200, where there most premier grade sword will cost almost $5,000. What is nice is the fact that Sky Jiro has a guarantee that makes them stand by their work.

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Within Sky Jiro’s website, they mention to be wary of sellers on eBay who are selling Sky Jiro products. They mention that sellers try to copy and sell fake Sky Jiro products to customers, and their reproduction efforts don’t come anywhere close to their level of workmanship. With only two registered eBay sellers, it is probably best to just stay away from there if you are looking to buy an authentic Sky Jiro katana.

Finally, you will recognize a fake Sky Jiro sword when it is being used. Seeing as the blade of an authentic sword is made for cutting practice, a knock-off or fake will not be able to handle extensive amounts of cutting. Fake swords will break, probably because they are made of stainless steel and not the high carbon mix that real Sky Jiro blades should be made of.

Sword Maintenance

The quality and functionality of your Sky Jiro katana can only be continued through regular maintenance and care for your blade.  Although this does not require much work or time, keeping up with the maintenance of your sword is necessary in order to make sure that your blade lasts and stays in good condition. It does not matter if you are using your Sky Jiro sword as a decoration piece or to practice Kenjutsu, Tameshigiri or any other martial arts practices, it needs to be cared for. Remember that your sword serves as a piece of art and as a symbol that requires respect and care. In order for your blade to last and continue to perform at its intended levels, it needs to be well maintained and cared for. This should be done no matter what type of Sky Jiro sword you purchased.

How to Care for Your Sky Jiro Sword

The first thing that you should always do after you are done using your Sky Jiro katana is to place its blade inside its scabbard or saya. This specific scabbard was made to protect your blade from long exposure to air, which can corrode it if it is left out for a long time. You should also know that your scabbard helps to keep your blade from reshaping. Aside from this though, put your katana in its scabbard as a safety precaution. Why let a very preventable accident or injury occur? Since it is better to be safe than sorry, make sure that you put your Sky Jiro blade away when it is not being used.

Moving past the safety concerns, one of things that you will want to avoid as much as possible is touching your Sky Jiro blade when you don’t have to. If you did not know already, your hands produce oils that could ruin your blade if it is frequently touched. So, try not to touch your blade unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. Keep your blade touching to a minimum, and when you do happen to touch it, clean it with oil afterward. You can use a natural or synthetic oil to clean your blade. Some natural oils that you could use include mineral, clove, and camellia. When it comes to synthetics, silicone oil in a spray bottle will do the job.  Remember to oil your Sky Jiro blade once a month to keep it performing well.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to care for your Sky Jiro katana, you should know some ways that you can damage or break it if you are not careful. As a first concern, do not try to cut any object that is extremely hard or difficult to cut. Ultimately, you should not try to cut down large tree trunks or branches with your Sky Jiro blade. This is because your katana was not designed to handle these types of cutting tasks. If you really want to cut down some large trees, you should use an axe instead. Use your sword as it was intended by practicing your cutting abilities on water bottles, milk jugs, and other recommended targets.

Sharpening Your Blade

When it comes to sharpening your Sky Jiro samurai sword, leave this task to a professional. By doing a basic search online, you should be able to find a professional in your area who is certified and knows how to sharpen your Sky Jiro blade properly. Consider seeking a professional when you think your blade can no longer perform basic cutting tasks.

Displaying Your Sword

If you decide to display your Sky Jiro samurai sword over a horizontal stand, make sure that the edge of your blade is facing up. This is vital to the well-being of your blade, seeing as it can be damaged if it is not placed in its scabbard correctly. The handle, on the other hand, is not as important in how it is displayed. Ultimately, when it comes to deciding which direction to display your sword’s handle, the decision is up to you. This choice is not a matter of correctness and is more about your preference.

An Overview

Finally, it is important to repeat the fact that Sky Jiro samurai swords are very dangerous weapon. Thus, you should know how to handle your sword responsibly to prevent an unexpected severe injury or even death from occurring. It is also important to note that you should definitely do your research before buying your Sky Jiro samurai sword. Use the Sky Jiro website as a guide to find a trustworthy and quality dealer if you do not decide to buy from their official site.