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Japanese Swords For Sale >

Japanese Swords For Sale

Today, while collectors pursue the beauty of antique, original swords that history has provided, Martial Artists seeking to train in the ancient arts look for functionality first. They require Japanese weapons made in authentic fashion with regards to balance, materials and cutting prowess. Fortunately, there are forges today that present a wide variety of options to both collectors and practitioners. Paul Chen swords by the Hanwei forge have become hugely popular for their affordable, functional training weapons and are concerned with providing a quality yet affordable option to the Artists of today. Other forges, like the newer Dynasty Forge, focus on aesthetics combined with functionality, with swords for sale made of traditional Japanese tamahagane steel that are stone-polished by hand in a laborous 30-hour process, delivering authentic visceral beauty and top quality performance.


Swords Of The East is proud to present the following collection of Japanese swords for sale for your consideration. Each of the forges we partner with have their own unique blend of functionality and form, and most offer varying weapon lines to accommodate just about every end-user taste or need. Search by Type to find Japanese katana swords, wakizashi, tanto, Iaito, ninja swords and complete Samurai sword sets. For more information on our traditional Japanese swords for sale, see our About Swords resource, or other Resources we provide.


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Japanese Swords

Japanese Swords are many things: functional objects of martial tradition, the very soul of the Samurai, and artistic creations of unparalleled beauty.  More so, the Sword, the Jewel, and the Mirror are divine objects of the Shinto religion, and Japanese swords a millennium old or more are enshrined as deities, and regarded by the Japanese government as cultural assets of extreme importance and National treasures. Clearly, the sword of st1:country-region w:st="on">Japan has a weight that few Westerners can appreciate. Beyond this level of importance, the intricacies of design and forging development over the centuries have created an object of true artistic importance, and even those foreign to its function will often marvel at a swords blatant beauty. The Japanese regard the art of the sword as highly as calligraphy, deserving of a place among the highest forms of art. This beauty, as well as the effectiveness of Japanese swords, are a result of the sophisticated methods of manufacture, and the specialized and painstaking way they are polished. Centuries of development of the Japanese sword, both culturally and functionally, have yielded an object that is equally deadly, Holy, and beautiful.o:p>

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