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Japanese katana are used today in martial arts

Japanese Katana

When Japan began to modernize their country and move toward a Western type of civilization, the Samurai became obsolete. Laws were passed, making it illegal to carry a Japanese katana in public places, and many of the sword makers lost their forges. Faced with a loss of income they stopped creating their blades and much of the forging art was lost. However, authentic Japanese swords are growing in popularity again, thanks in part to martial arts. Fencing and fighting arts such as Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu have helped to keep hand forged katana sword making a viable and money making endeavor again. Today many forges use the traditional methods to create their blades.

For sale: hand forged katana sword

Hand Forged Katana Sword

If you are looking for a masterful sword that is also a work of art you have come to the right place. We carry blades from all of the major forges including Thaitsuki Nihonto, Imperial Forge and Hanwei by Paul Chen. It takes these forges much time and labor to produce a hand-forged katana sword in traditional fashion. Using authentic forging techniques and materials, today's forges create Japanese katana worthy of their historical counterparts. These quality blades are equally perfect for use in cutting competitions or as a premium addition to your collection.

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For the serious collector, only traditionally made Samurai swords will do. These amazing pieces of steel are created in the traditional manner of heating and folding the metal. The backside of the authentic Japanese swords will be dipped in clay, causing it to cool slower and helping to create the curved blade that Samurai blades are known for. There are four basic lengths of sword to choose from: the tanto, or knife, length, the Wakizashi, or mid-length, the traditional katana length and the odachi, or longest, length.

Hanwei By Paul Chen Dynasty Forge Thaitsuki Nihonto Cold Steel Imperial Forge Cheness Cutlery
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