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Water Dragon O-Tanto
Water Dragon O-Tanto

Water Dragon O-Tanto

Water Dragon O-Tanto
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Sky Jiro
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This Water Dragon O-Tanto is an authentic weapon. It is 18.25" long with an 11.75 in. Nagasa blade made of Tamahagane steel. It is differentially hardened and polished with Japanese water stones. The Habaki is hand carved sterling silver. So are the metal fittings, which feature a water dragon design. The Tsuka is made of Ho wood covered in maroon sting ray skin and a black Japanese leather wrap. The Saya is made of African Bubinga wood with water buffalo horn fittings and a brown silk Sageo. This sword has the Kinzan Master Smith Signature on the Nakago. It is a special order item, please allow 14 business days for delivery.

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