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Trail Master - SK-5 High Carbon

Trail Master - SK-5 High Carbon
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Cold Steel
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The  Cold SteelÃî Trail Master is the best knife you can get for the money. It performs better than all other factory made knives by far. This knife has a broad clip point that will not bend or break, as it is thicker close to the point than most knifes are. This does not make the point any duller though, it is actually extremely sharp and is great for penetration. The back blade has a 3.5" slightly concave false edge. The blade is hand honed and given a high speed buff to make it razor sharp. The The Trail MasterÃî is slightly blade heavy, balancing at 3/4" in front of the guard, making it perfect for heavy chopping and slashing strokes. The handle is made from KratonÃî and is deeply checkered for a safe, shock absorbing non-slip grip. It is contoured to prevent the knife from spinning in the hand during use. It has a sturdy double guard that is just the right size for protecting fingers and also staying out of the way when drawing the knife. The Trail Master comes with a Secure-Ex Sheath. 

Weight: 16.7 oz.
Blade: 9 1/2"
Thick: 5/16"
Overall: 14 1/2"
Handle: KratonÃî
Sheath: Secure-ExÃî Sheath
Steel: SK-5 High Carbon

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