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We carry the complete line of Ten Ryu samurai swords, and we are proud to have them as a part of our collection! Ten Ryu is known for upholding the traditions of the samurai class. Each Ten Ryu sword is forged with the highest attention to detail and tradition.

In ancient Japan, the samurai sword was know as the soul of the samurai. It is not only a weapon, but a symbolic and mystical entity that demands the highest level of respect. A samurai sword is the most prized possession that a warrior owns.

Each Ten Ryu sword is forged with these same principles of the samurai. They not only focus on creating battle ready, fully functional, cutting swords that can stand up to anything, but they make sure each one is created with the highest standards. Only master sword smiths are allowed to participate in the forging process of the blade, using ancient traditions that have been passed down and perfected through the generations. The craftsman that make these swords are using the same traditional techniques that have been perfected over time. You will appreciate the high quality blade and fittings that each of the Ten Ryu swords have. If you are looking for a high quality sword that won't break your budget, Ten Ryu should be the first sword that you look at. 

Ten Ryu swords are not factory made or pressed like many swords in their price range are made. At Swords Of The East we bring you only the highest quality swords from the best forges for every budget. All Ten Ryu swords are under the $200 price point so they are an excellent value for a completely handmade sword. Each blade is hand forged and heat treated to maintain strength throughout the length of the blade. It is heated and cooled to the perfect temperature to create the strongest steel while still maintaining an ideal amount of flex. Each blade is then hand sharpened to a razor sharp edge that is perfect for cutting. It is an ideal geometry that creates a sharp blade without sacrificing strength. These blades are designed for strength. Each ito handle is then individually hand tied with a durable wrap that will hold up for decades of use. Each blade is then hand fitted to its saya or sheath of the sword. Each one is individually fit to its saya, so it has the perfect secure fit that one needs. You will appreciate the quality and attention to detail that goes into each Ten Ryu sword. 

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Ten Ryu Warrior
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Ten Ryu Warrior
Flying Dragon Set
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Flying Dragon Set