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Tamahagane Shobu Katana Wheel - Samurai Swords

tamahagane katana, samurai swords
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Dynasty Forge
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Wow, is all I have to say about the tamahagane samurai swords from Dynasty Forge. This is not your average sword. You will have a tough time finding a more beautiful grain pattern in any sword. They are a labor of love to make
as they are completely hand forged from only the highest quality steel, and hand polished. This is a long, traditional, forging process to make an extremely beautiful battle ready katana. These swords are for people who are
serious about samurai swords collecting, martial arts, Japanese culture, and everything that goes along with it. This is a showpiece sword that will be the most special piece in your sword collection. It is not only beautiful
but fully functional and battle ready.

We will also include a sword box, maintenance kit, and a stand. Everything you need to display and take care of your prize katana.

Blade length (in/cm):28/71.12
Overall length (in/cm):40/101.6
Weight (lbs/kg):2.4/1.09
Temper:Differential Clay-tempered
Tsuba:Silver Wheel
Fuchi-Kashira:Silver Wheel
Ito:Black silk
Saya:Black gloss

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