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Spartan Armor - Bronze

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In the Archaic period, Spartans were armoured with flanged bronze breast and back plates, leg greaves, a helmet most often of corinthian or Illyrian style, and sometimes additional armour for the shins, arms and groin. It is often disputed which torso armour the Spartans wore during the Persian Wars, if any, though it seems likely they either continued to wear bronze cuirasses of a more sculptured type, or instead adapted to the composite linothorax style. After this period, Spartiates would often only be lightly armoured with a pylos helmet, and a red tunic. This Spartan Breastplate is made out of iron and has a bronze finish for an ancient look. It features a decorative emblem on the front. This high quality piece of armor is made to historical specifications and will be a stunning piece for your collection. It also is fully wearable for costume and media productions. Add a Greek or Roman tunic and a Spartan Helmet to complete the set.

  • Made of hammered iron and finished in Bronze

  • Hand-made

  • Fully wearable - fits up to a 48 in chest

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