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Kouken Shobu Zukuri Katana samurai sword

munetoshi katana, samurai swords
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This samurai sword is constructed of extemely strong 1060 steel and features a traditional high shinogi-ji which is slanted at an inwards angle. This katana also has a heavy duty koshi sori (bizen) with a gentle kissaki shape.
The fuchi and kashira of this samurai sword are in Higo style, and the tsuba is a sukashi-style and is made from cast bronze which is a highly durable material. It can stand up to a lot of use. The seppa and habaki are constructed
from bronze and the menuki is a long ken (Japanese straight sword) on the omote side and a long yajiri (Japanese arrowhead) on the ura side.

This is a classic Japanese samurai sword that really performs. If you need a good cutting sword this is a great option. It can perform heavy and light precise cuts. It has an excellent balance and is high performance. Shobu
zukuri style is a very popular choice among martial artists.

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