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Samurai Swords and Japanese Katana are our specialty at Swords of The East.

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We are proud to bring you the finest samurai swords available. We test every sword and only like to carry full tang battle ready swords that are razor sharp.
The art form of making samurai swords is truly amazing. We are happy that we can bring it from the east to your home or dojo.

Katana and samurai swords have evolved greatly over time. The first swords date back over 2000 years and are very different to the modern swords of today.
The first swords resembled Chinese jian and were straight blades with edges on both sides. The curved katana that we know today was developed out of necessity. Much
of the fighting was done from horseback. It is much easier to draw a curved blade than a straight blade. Many of the older swords were much longer styles and again this was
because of fighting on horseback. As fighting became more hand to hand combat it was more practical to have a shorter and faster blade like we do today.

Sword smiths also made great advances in the quality fo steel that they used. Many of the differences in price of swords on our site is due to the quality of the steel used
and the time that it takes to forge that individual blade. Higher quality steel takes longer to produce, and is a more expensive commodity than a lower grade of steel. That is not to
say that you will have problems with a less expensive sword, as all of the swords that we carry will hold up well even under heavy use. In general a more expensive sword will perform
better than a less expensive one, but all of them are well made. All of the blades that we carry at Swords Of The East have full tang construction meaning that the steel goes all the way
down into the handle or ito. This creates one solid piece of steel which is what makes it such an extremely strong weapon. Most of the swords also feature a double pegged construction.
 This makes them stronger and is a better method of design.