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Samurai Dragon Armour

Authentic replica, fully wearable
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CAS / Hanwei
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Another popular suit of armor. Please note that this price does include shipping costs. This historical Japanese suit of armor will look wonderful in any setting. The quality speaks for itself. Hanweis Dragon Armour, named for the helmet crest (mon), is made for the connoisseur of Japanese armours. It faithfully replicates a “Byotoji Do Gusoku” from the Edo period which, like many fine armours, incorporates an earlier helmet bowl from the Momoyama period.

European influence on Samurai armour is discernible in the slight median ridge to the front section of the byotoji okegawa do (breastplate) which, by this period, was designed to deflect musket balls.

The plates of the do, with waved edges, are fastened with elaborate shakudo rivets in the form of flowers with gilt centers. This feature illustrates the Japanese preference for a more flexible style of armour than the typical European one-piece breastplate construction.

The carrying chest/display seat (hitsu) is black lacquered with the Dragon mon emblazoned in silver on the front panel. Overall, the antiqued patina of the gusoku gives a period appearance and provides a rich addition to any Japanese décor.

Our full-sized suits of Samurai armour provide displays of outstanding quality for the den or the dojo. Crafted by the armourers of CAS Hanwei, the armour is authentically detailed and completely realistic. These very affordable pieces are made with traditional styling and materials and are wearable (within a reasonable size range!). They are supplied in the customary black lacquered box which, along with an included wooden frame, provides the support for the display.

Samurai Armour Made by Hanwei.

Key Features of this samurai dragon armour:

Fully wearable
Authentically constructed
Magnificently detailed


Product height: 69
Weight: 65lb

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