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Sakakibara Yasumasa Armor

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The Sakakibara Yasumasa gashira armor was crafted in honor of Sakakibara Yasumasa (1548 - 1606) who was a Japanese daimyo of the late Sengoku period through early Edo period. Yasumasa was the Tokugawa family's foremost military commanders. He was considered to be 1 of 4 of the most fiercely loyal vassals of the Tokugawa clan. These samurai were also known as "The Four Guardian Kings" or "The Guardians of the Four Horizons".

This fine authentic reproduction of traditional Japanese yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dÃô samurai armor is hand made by the Fenglinhanjia Armory. Each suite of samurai armor is supplied with the customary Gusto Bitsu (armor storage box) and a wooden stand for the display of the armor. Assembly instructions are also included. The armor is wearable and fully functional. For more information, please review our FAQ Page

Displayed: 2' x 2' x 5' 6" @ 40 lbs
Shipping: 18" x 20" x 24" @ 59 lbs

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