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Ryumon Samurai Sword Practical Okinawa Katana

Ryumon Samurai Sword Practical Okinawa Katana

Each Iron tsuba is traditionally detailed and has a gun metal finish.
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Ryumon Samurai Sword Practical Okinawa Katana

The Ryumon Okinawa Practical Katana has a Hand Forged and Folded AISI 1060 High Carbon Steel blade tempered in the traditional clay method, which produces a hard (and extremely sharp) Ha (Cutting edge), and a resilient spine.

Masters who have been making swords for over 2000 years forge and polish the sword to reveal it's beautiful Hamon (temper line) and Hada (grain pattern).

Each Iron tsuba is traditionally detailed and has a gun metal finish. The wood saya is deeply lacquered with a glossy black finish and is tied with an imported Japanese cotton sageo. The tsuka (handle) is wrapped with authentic Same (rayskin) and imported Japanese cotton.

Ryumon Okinawa Practical Katana Samurai Sword Features:

Hand forged, folded and tempered AISI 1060 carbon steel blade forged by masters who have been forging swords for over 2000 years

Iron tsuba features Okinawa design and gun metal finish
Tsuka is wrapped in Same rayskin and Japanese cotton

Certificate of authenticity on silk scroll tells a wealth of information on your sword such as makers name and experience, Rc Hardness, date your sword was started and finished, and the master that certified your sword! box is discontinued

Premium Sword maintenance kit and reference guide included
Silk Sword bag included!

Overall: 42 inches
Blade: 28 inches
Tsuka: 10 3/4 inches
Weight: 3.1 lbs.

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Ryumon Okinawa katana review
Jeff Davidson (central Illinois) 2/9/2018 6:00 PM
Hi, Just received my Ryumon Okinawa Katana, Here are exact specs: Total length, 39 3/4 in. Blade length, 27 3/4 in, weight, 2lb 4.3 oz.. The balance point is 5 1/4 in from Tsuba. When handled the balance is very nice and seems light and fast in hand. Blade is forge-folded and has a real hamon line from clay tempering. Blade is straight and has a nice shape and well executed medium size Kissaki. Shipping was 3 days. Upon receiving katana I cleaned and polished blade with Metal-Glo polish 3 times, then rubbed with oil. This really helped bring out the fine hada and hamon lines. The hamon is done okay, but there are a few places it comes close to edge, but no serious issue there. Blade is easily paper (and finger) cutting sharp. Tsuba is steel and nicely done no sharp areas against hand. Tsuka is very tightly wrapped with nice cotton over real same, decent size nodules on same, and nicely done diamonds over wooden core. Very tight assembly no rattles or movement at all. All in all a very nicely presented Katana well worth more than the $200 dollar price. The saya was perfect black lacquer with a well done wrap on the cord. It fits nice and tight to the katana at the koiguchi. I am very happy with this purchase and the customer service I received. No Issues at all, can't wait for good weather to cut up some targets and practice my form. Only thing I will say, is expect to do a little hand polishing to see the beauty of this blade.. Another excellent Katana from Ryumon!!
This is a practical sword for your collection
Isaac (Milton) 10/22/2010 6:35 PM
I bought this sword and couldn't be happier I did. I wasn't sure about the forge but seeing is believing and I know Ryumon is a great forge this sword was a work of art the ito was tight the fittings tight the mune lined perfectly with the habaki blade collar so if you are thinking of adding this sword to your collect do it.