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Ryumon Samurai Sword Phoenix Katana

Ryumon Samurai Sword Phoenix Katana

The wooden saya is red and is engraved and hand painted with a beautiful phoenix scene
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Ryumon Samurai Sword Phoenix Katana

This very special katana comes to us from the Ryumon forge. This fully handmade sword starts with a blade of 1065 high carbon steel. The blade is sharpened and polished by the masters at ryumon and also has a Bo Hi. The handle is wrapped in top grade rayskin and is double pegged for security.

The saya however is what steals the show here. The wooden saya is red and is engraved and hand painted with a beautiful phoenix scene which must be witnessed to be believed!

Ryumon Phoenix Katana Samurai Sword Features:

Hand forged 1065 High carbon steel blade with bo hi (fully sharpened)
Iron tsuba with front/back Crane and gold details
Black Japanese cotton Tsuka ito and top grade rayskin wrapped handle (double pegged)
Black lacquered wood saya with hand engraved and painted Phoenix scene
Black knotted sageo
Comes complete with Certificate of authenticity wall scroll, Sword Maintenance kit and reference guide, and sword bag, box is discontinued.


Blade: 28"
Handle: 10.5"
Overall: 41.5"
Weight: 2.5Lbs

You must be 18 years or older to purchase this sword

Availability: Available, in stock, ships immediately. Look at the incredible details put into this fully functional battle ready katana by Ryumon. It is a really showcase samurai sword that is fully functional and ready to cut. This is a personal favorite of the staff here at Swords Of The East. These Ryumon samurai swords are excellent for any type of martial arts use. They can withstand heavy cutting. This sword will really stand out in any collection.

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Phenominal craftsmanship, a blade worthy of a true swordsman.
Red (United States ) 4/16/2015 3:01 PM
"The moon pierced down on the diseased world. There is no cure for the disease. An entire race falls mindlessly into destruction. Not even a man of colossal power may be able to prevent the inevitable. Death no longer terrifies men. The smell of blood is as common as the smell of white plums, so he creates slavery and savagery which surpasses the horrors of dying. These can only be fought with more bloodshed and the cycle never ends. My sword is guided by the reasoning of Hiten Mitsurugi, but when all is said, a sword is a tool for destruction not salvation. The only way I can retain my humanity is to bury its victims." - Hiko Seijuro
A solid, arrtactive, and well-built katana
Jonathon (Pennsylvania) 2/8/2012 10:41 AM
I got this sword from SOTE about 8 months ago after looking at offerings from some other companies. I'm a kenjutsu student who has handled some authentic swords so my main concern was to get something reasonably historical yet unique. The sword comes in a serviceable bag and includes an excellent cleaning kit as well. The saya is beautifully decorated, it's a little soft though so don't bump it against anything. The blade is extremely sharp and solid, with a very attractive hamon and bo-hi. I'm a fan of the fittings, they are solid and have nice aged look. The site said that they were iron, but I'm not so sure about that myself-the certificate said they were copper. Whichever the case, they are heavily built and the guard would never breal if ever hit with another sword. The rayskin wrap was an appreciated authentic touch and the cotton wrap is tight and secure. The sageo cord was a big disappointment, it is very spartan and came to me with many nicks and frays. However, this one negative point is not enough to taint the sword itself and the sageo can easily be replaced. The cotton wrap does fine for itself like mentioned and it's a step up from the Practical Hanwei's grip. It can be replaced as well, but it is fine a it is. Overall, the cotton fittings while not outstanding are adequate for a sword at this price point. The Ryumon Phoenix fits tightly in the saya, and is easily drawn. It handles a little on the heavy side to me, but it is by no means a clumsy sword at all. In my opinion, it is balanced and weighted very solidly and its cuts are very powerful. It's truly an intimidating weapon to show in class, and it feels like a real war sword. Th everall, I am very happy with the Ryumon Phoenix katana. It's solid and well built, rasonably authentic, and unique without being garish. I'd certainly recommend this sword to anyone looking for one at this price.