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Three Sword Ryumon Folded Dragon Sword Set

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Product Description

This is the three piece set including a three tier stand. The Ryumon Folded Dragon Set is our most popular 3 piece set! It is an incredible value, with three stunning and classic samurai swords. 

Each blade is handmade to perfection, and brought to a razor sharp edge. These three swords are all fully functional. Set includes a katana, wakizashi, tanto, three tier stand, and a maintenance kit. Everything you need to both use, maintain, and display your swords.

Here are the details. 

Ryumon Samurai Folded Dragon Practical Katana

The Ryumon Folded Dragon Katana has a Hand Forged and Folded AISI 1060 High Carbon Steel blade tempered in the traditional clay method, which produces a hard (and extremely sharp) Ha (Cutting edge), and a resilient spine. 

Masters who have been making swords for over 2000 years forge and polish the sword to reveal it's beautiful Hamon (temper line) and Hada (grain pattern). Each Iron tsuba is traditionally detailed with a dragon motif. 

The wood saya is deeply lacquered with a glossy black finish and is tied with an imported Japanese cotton sageo. The tsuka (handle) is wrapped with authentic Same (rayskin) and imported Japanese cotton. 

Ryumon Folded Dragon Katana Features: 

Hand forged, folded and tempered AISI 1060 carbon steel blade forged by masters who have been forging swords for over 2000 years 

Iron tsuba features Dragon design 
Tsuka is wrapped in Same rayskin and Japanese cotton 
Certificate of authenticity on silk scroll tells a wealth of information on your sword such as makers name and experience, Rc Hardness, date your sword was started and finished, and the master that certified your sword!

Premium Sword maintenance kit and reference guide included Silk Sword bag included 


Blade: 28 inches 
Handle: 10 3/4 inches 
Overall: 42 inches 
Weight: 3.1 Lbs 

Ryumon Folded Dragon Wakizashi

Ryumon Folded Dragon Wakizashi Features: 

This is an excellent wakizashi to add to your sword collection. 

Hand forged and folded San Mai blade 

Hand sharpened 

Copper dragon tsuba 

Rayskin and black cotton tsuka ito 

Copper dragon fuchi/kashira 

Black lacquered wood saya 

Fully functional 

Comes with sword bag and Ryumon scroll certificate 

Blade: 19 1/2" 
Handle: 9 1/2" 
Overall: 30" 
Weight: 1.8 Lbs

Ryumon Folded Dragon Tanto

Our new Ryumon tantos are the perfect companion to their katana counterparts. Each Ryumon tanto is hand forged and folded 10 times to produce 1024 layers of high carbon steel. This classic black version of the tanto is a beautiful piece. The steel and the overall quality of the tanto is excellent. We get a lot of people calling us about how they can't believe how nice it is for such an affordable price. 

Hand forged HCS 1065 high carbon steel blade 
Hand sharpened and differentially clay tempered 
Folded 10 times making 1024 layers 
Dragon tsuba 
Rayskin and cotton wrapped tsuka (Single pegged) 
Your choice of red or black lacquered wood saya 
Includes delixe Ryumon wooden box 
Fully functional Japanese Tanto


Blade: 10 inches 
Tsuka : 5 1/4 inches 
Overall: 17 inches 
Weight: .76 Lbs 

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