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Rittersteel Japanese Swords Reverse Blade Katana

Rittersteel Japanese Swords Reverse Blade

Another Ritter Steel first - a genuine, fully functional Reverse Blade Japanese Sword!
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Product Description

Another Ritter Steel first - a genuine, fully functional Reverse Blade Japanese Sword! They have created an authentic Japanese style reverse blade katana featuring the traditional hand braided diamond pattern cord wrap upon a shimmering silver fabric with four dragon menuki inset.
The blackened steel tsuba and pommel are hand pounded. The sharp functional high carbon steel reverse blade is mounted with a traditional copper habaki which attests to its quality. The scabbard on this reverse blade samurai sword is hand made from wood, and covered in rich black leather.
For those unfamiliar with the reverse blade sword, the sharp side is opposite where you would normally expect it, while the normal cutting side, is the wide unsharpened portion of the blade. The idea behind this is when striking your opponent as you would with a normal sword, the opponent would be stunned when hit by the reverse blade, not cut. As this reverse blade katana is a real sword, great care should be taken as hitting someone could cause serious injury, even death! This is a real sword not a toy!
The RitterSteel high carbon steel reverse blade is hand pounded and forged over hot coals, using many of the original techniques passed down through the generations of ancient sword smiths. Each tsuba and end cap is individually hand cast in steel with a traditional solid copper habaki hand fitted to each 27" long, 1-5/16" wide steel blade.
The overall length of the reverse blade sword is 38". The diameter of the tsuba is 3-1/2". The weight of the reverse blade sword is about 2-3/4 lbs, the sheath is about 3/4lbs.The workmanship put into each sword attests to each sword being an authentically functional original work of art!
This is a fully Functional samurai sword

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  • High-Carbon Blade
  • Built for quality and craftsmanship
  • Specifications:

    BLADE LENGTH:  27"
    HANDLE LENGTH:   10 1/2"
    WEIGHT:  2 3/4 lbs


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    Amazing Service
    Kevin Daughtry (Fitzpatrick, AL ) 12/8/2011 3:48 PM
    I have been collecting swords for the last 10 years and I have purchased 40 + swords from 17 other sources before I found your site. That being said, I have NEVER had an experience with this level of service. From the first email response to my questions that I got back within just minutes, to my actual testing of the weapons that took place yesterday after I received them, I have been completely blown away with Swords of the East. All of my questions were answered in a professional manner and the actual quality of the products is truly astonishing. The last purchase I made from another site was a nightmare. I was suckered into buying the sword because it was full tang but when I took the wrap off of the handle the two pieces of wood had been taped on with a single piece of scotch tape. The supplier still has yet to email me back about anything and I got it a month ago. Now, that will never happen again because I will be using SOTE. I never believed I would find a sword site with real weapons, real service, and a fair price, thanks for setting the bar so high. Very impressed, Kevin Daughtry