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Japanese Performance Series


CAS / Hanwei has recently made some exciting additions to their entire line of Japanese swords, and the Performance Series katana line represents the most important advancements to date.  Every design reflects ground-up innovation, with blade geometries specifically forged to meet the demands of each Martial Arts discipline. Four variations of blade are featured: Katana, XL, XL Light, and Iaito.


Katana: All Around Cutting and Drawing Practice. Forged in a traditional Shinogi Zukuri blade shape that maximizes the differential tempering, these Katana Blades are proportioned in authentic fashion for collectors and practitioners alike. Great for general soft and hard target cutting, as well as infrequent drawing practice.


XL:  Heavy Competition Cutting. The XL blade is specifically designed for Competition Cutting, using a differentially tempered blade with a narrow edge angle. The weight, blade profile, strength and overall geometry are designed to perform successfully in heavy cutting exercises, delivering razor clean cuts with impressive durability.


XL Light: Competition Cutting with Agility. These blades incorporate the same geometry as the XL blade, but introduce deep bo-hi (grooves) into the design to reduce weight. The strength of the blade and its excellent ability to deliver cuts is maintained, but the reduced weight allows for a quicker and more agile technique on multiple, lighter targets.


Iaito: Un-edged Training Blade. These blades are forged from specially tempered stainless steel making them ideal maintenance-free un-edged training weapons for practitioners of Iaido. The design delivers the absolute correct balance and weight distribution required for the repetitive demands of drawing  and motion practice, and includes a deep bo-hi which provides great audible feedback on a properly wielded blade.


Performance Series  Line:



Musashi Line
Traditionally Constructed With Classic Theme
Practical Plus Line
Traditionally Constructed Practical Swords
Tori Performance Line
Folded Steel and Elegance
Practical Performance Line
High Carbon Performance Blades
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