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ronin katana
ronin katanaPaul Chen Ronin Katana

Paul Chen Ronin Katana

Folded steel samurai sword
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Product Description

The Story of the 47 Ronin is one of the most celebrated and influential tales of the Samurai from the Edo period. Lord Asano was a powerful Daimyo ordered by the Shogun to entertain guests of the Imperial Family.

The highest ranking master of protocol, Kira, was given the task of teaching Asano, among others, proper matters of etiquette in this task. Lord Asano and Kira quickly grew to dislike each other and the teacher insulted his student at every opportunity.

No longer able to contain himself, Asano drew his sword upon Kira, wounding him in the attack. This act led to the ordered suicide (seppuku) of Asano and the confiscation of his property. On December 14, 1702, nearly one year after the death of Asano, 47 of his men (now Ronin), descended upon the mansion of Kira to exact their revenge. After a fierce battle, the Ronin demanded that Kira commit seppuku for his transgressions against their former master.

When he refused he was beheaded. For their actions the Ronin were themselves sentenced to death by seppuku. They are buried together at the Sengakuji, offering a true testament to the loyalty inherent in the Samurai.

Our Ronin Koshirae Katana samurai sword captures the spirit of 47 Ronin of Lord Asano. The blackened iron Tsuba depicts the followers of Asano on their vengeful march. The blade is hand forged & folded Swedish powder steel with Hi in a traditional Shinogi Zukuri style.

Samurai sword Made by Hanwei.
Sword Key Features:

Folded High-Carbon Blade Authentically constructed Quality fittings

Sword Specifications:

Blade length: 28 1/2
Handle length: 11 inches
Overall length: 40 1/2
Weight: 2lb 7oz



  • Highly Collectible
  • Folded High-Carbon Blade
  • Premium fittings
  • Traditional Construction

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RICH (ROCK SPRINGS WY.) 12/22/2010 4:05 PM
After spending much time reviewing swords,I bought this Paul Chen Ronin Katana(sh-2360)Im a serious martial artist/kendo/cutting practician.I have to honestly say that this is one of the best quality swords ive ever held.It can cut 4 to 5" bamboo like butter and never seems to dull at all.It has a perfect balance,and is a thing of beauty.If you are looking for a "Real"katana for show or cutting competition,this Paul Chen Ronin Katana is very hard to beat.