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Paul Chen Hanwei Raptor Tanto

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This raptor tanto makes a great addition to the Paul Chen line. It is really cool to display your favorite samurai swords with tanto to pair with them just as the ancient samurai warriors did. It was tradition
for a samurai warrior to always have a trusty tanto by their side.

The Raptor Series, A new line from Paul Chen Hanwei is a series of cutting swords which has been designed for the practitioner who does not necessarily have access to traditional cutting mats, but wishes to practice and perfect his cutting technique. The blade of the Raptor tanto is hand forged in 5160 high carbon steel and is specifically heat treated to produce very high resilience and greater tolerance to misdirected cuts than a conventionally differentially tempered blade. The edge geometry is configured to facilitate the cutting of both soft and semi hard materials without chipping, allowing the user a wider range of targets.

While the Tanto of the Raptor series provides a matching piece for any of the Raptor katanas, it is in its own right designed as a very effective cutting tool. Made in the blade style of James Williams personal Nami Ryu swords, these pieces will allow the cutting practitioner to perfect techniques for each of the three weapons, at the same time as they complete an impressive display.

Paul Chen Hanwei Raptor Tanto features:

* Hand forged 5160 carbon steel blade
* Special non-stretch suede wrapped tsuka with genuine rayskin
* Iron tsuba
* Fuchi and kashira feature the Raptor motif
* Black matte finish saya
* Comes with black tanto bag
* Specifically heat treated to withstand the rigors of bad cuts
Great tanto for use as cutting tool
Excellent balance and cutting ability
Sword stand not included

Overall length: 16 5/8"
Blade length: 10 13/16"
Handle length: 4 5/8"
Weight: 13 oz

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Good Crafted Tanto
Herman Z. (Location:(USA) City: Undisclosed ) 2/2/2020 10:21 PM
Hanwei does a nice job delivering products that are structurally good. I'm very confident that if there was a situation it's application was needed in, that it would serve its purpose. I could find no imperfections in the delivered product. I have no complaints. I'm ultimately very happy with the purchase. My Best regards to Paul Chen, Hanwei and Swords Of The East. Thank you. Be blessed...
Beautiful Weapon
Jeffrey Genthner (Pennsylvania, USA) 1/24/2018 12:42 PM
A practical weapon, not just for display. One flick of the wrist and a box is sliced through. A swing through the air is music to the ear; it sings when in motion. Run your finger down the blade and a slice of skin is removed, without feeling it, until blood flows.. Almost as light as the air if sings through, perfectly balanced, beautifully and robustly made. I have a 750 year old wakizashi, which I brought back from the dead, and the form of the tanto is very complementary to it. Also both are complementary to my Katana, thus on display, the sight is fantastic, and also fearsome. All three blades can be used. Thank you for your work. Paul Chen deserves his good reputation.