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Dynasty Forge Musha Class

 1060 High-Spec Line:  Extreme Durability, Excellent Value

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The Musha class of weapons offers practicality at an elevated level. The focus is on durability and performance - these swords are a perfect introduction to the arcane of the Samurai warrior tradition. These well-balanced, robust blades are made of exceptionally resilient 1060 spring steel. The utilitarian design, offering no more than what is required to fulfill its purpose, makes this a superior handling sword offering surprisingly strong cutting performance at a very reasonable price. The Hi-Spec line in classic Musashi theme offers upgraded fittings and a hand-burnished Mune, increasing the esthetics while keeping the core strength of the blade. The Musha class fully attests to the old Samurai saying: “A good sword is a good sword."

  • O-Katana
  • Katana
  • Ko-Katana
  • Wakizashi
  • Kogarasu Maru Katana
  • Maru Wakizashi
  • Tanto
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12" 1060 Tanto in Koi Theme
MSRP $270.00
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12" 1060 Tanto in Koi Theme