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Musashi White Zetsurin

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This is a beautiful all white katana from Musashi. It is designed in the shirasaya style that was originally a way to hide the sword to look like a stick or a bokken. It has a double pegged construction that makes
it extreely strong and durable. The sword also features a razor sharp edge that is ready to cut. The saya has a throwing knife attached to it which makes this a very cool sword.

Katana description
# The Overall Length: 40"
# The Blade Length: 27" (edge)
# The Length: 10.5"
# Blade Steel: High Carbon Steel, Handmade w/ blood groove, razor sharp
# Handle/Scabbard Material: Hardwood
# Sword also Includes a removable throwing knife in scabbard!
# Package includes a free black cotton sword bag

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amaizing but low quality
james (AZ) 7/9/2016 4:01 PM
I bought this sword about a month or two ago, and it is beautiful! the blade was super sharp and fit in the sheath perfectly. the first thing I did was cut some cardboard boxes, the sword went through them with ease! a few days later I tried a small stick with the diameter or a dime. this stick dented the blade on the sword which was a extreme disappointment. so I stuck to cutting boxes with it until just a few nights ago I had some old melons and decided to slice them. although the sword went through them like a dream, I was cleaning the blade after and found the melons had warped the blade. the reason I'm so disappointed is because I have a 10$ knife that I can cut small trees down with. so overall, it is great to mess around with, but not if you don't want it dinged up.
Batman (Greenville nc) 4/26/2016 9:34 PM
I won The Sword in the grand champion division sword at the East Carolina University tournament April 16th 2016. It is a beautiful sword. This tour will be one of my top in my collection. The blade is beautiful the balance is very good and it will cut. I know where I will be ordering my next sword from
Overall great sword
Matt Blomberg (Tucson, AZ) 2/17/2015 3:12 PM
My first take of the sword I received was that it was a cheap sword. The cloth of the tsuka-ito and sageo seemed a little lower grade, and is noticeably off-white against the pure white sword, and there was some cracking at the pocket of the kogatana in the saya, as well as the painting being slightly messy. All of that being said, my opinion greatly changed when I drew the sword. The carbon steel blade was very well crafted and incredibly sharp, as well as the kogatana's, and I can't find a single problem with the craftmanship. With the sageo tied, the crack is barely noticeable, and cloth gets dirty and isn't that hard to replace, anyways. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the blade! Also, I have to give extra kudos to the shipper for prompt emailing and solving of problems (in fact, he emailed and solved the problem before I even knew there was one!). SotE is definitely very professional and on top of things, and I will certainly buy from them again! As for recommendations, if you're a collector/practitioner looking for a sword that is great for practice and looks nice (as opposed to a very nice sword you wouldn't necessarily want to damage), this is a great sword!