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Musashi Handmade Dragon Katana Muku-Kitae

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Rykjin was a dragon and the god of the sea in Japanese mythology. He had a palace built of white and red coral where he held power of the ocean with his magical tide jewels. Japanese rulers traced their lineage back to Ryujin and because of this, it was recorded that the Empress Jingu could control the tides to win victory over the Korean navy.

This beautiful sword symbolizes the mythological god of the seas with a hand carved image of Ryujin in its wood saya, which features a shiny black gloss finish. A brown cord Sage-o is wrapped around the bright copper Kurigata. The blade is hand crafted of high carbon steel which has been hammered throughout to offer a consistent hardness. Its Bo-Hi on the top of the blade allows for better balance and provides audible feedback when swung. The blade is full tang, sharp, and comes with an aesthetic Hamon which runs through the length of the blade, ending at the Kissake. The Habaki is a single piece brass construction with two copper seppas to help secure the blade of the sword into the Tsuba. Oxidized copper makes up the Tsuba with a cut out scene of Ryujin roaming the skies. The Fuchi is of another brass construction featuring the head of Ryujin. With a ray skin Same and constructed of wood, the Tsuka core also features a brown cord Ito. Two bamboo Mekugi hold the tang securely into the Tsuka and a copper dragon Menuki is on either side of the Tsuka. This swords Kashira also features the head of Ryujin.
Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae method.
Using 1045 steel with water temper process.

The hamon and hardness (55HRC) were created in the temper process

Copper tsuba and brass fuchi and kashira

Saya: Golden Chrysanthemums design with high quality lacquered finish

This katana will be an excellent addition to your collection.

Overall Length: 41.5"
Blade Length: 28.5"
Handle Length: 11"
Blade Size: 1.25"
Tsuba size: 3.25"
Blad HRC: 55

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