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Musashi Gekkou Katana

Comes with black sword bag and serialized certificate
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Product Description

Musashi Gekkou Katana Features:

* Hand forged 1060 high carbon steel blade with bo hi
* Hand sharpened
* Beautiful hamon
* Hand sharpened
* Black iron sukashi style tsuba
* Black brass fuchi and kashira with dragon theme
* Rayskin and cotton wrapped tsuka
* Black lacquered wood saya
* Fully functional
* Comes with black sword bag and serialized certificate


Blade: 27 1/2"
Tsuka: 10 3/4"
Overall: 39 1/4"
Weight: 2 Lbs Availability: In Stock, Ships Immediately.

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Stan Wasacz (New Jersey) 1/28/2013 11:06 AM
When I was in Japan and visited NAGOYA castle I had the opportunity to see some authentic Samurai era Katana used during the castles historic times. On display and for demonstration were Katana made from the historic documents that instructed later generations on the forging of the true blade. After handling those in NAGOYA and then grasping the SOTE I just received I was taken back to that day and the pride and awe I experienced to be holding such a piece of art. The price I paid SOTE was considerably more affordable then the NAGOYA ones but no where near less respectable.