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Munetoshi Hira Zukuri Handmade Sword Katana Mat Cutter

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We love zukuri style swords at Swords Of The East, and Munetoshi has come out with a really amazing sword here. You can instantly tell the amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every one of their blades. They are fabulous useable working and functional pieces of art.

This is the 1st hira zukuri style blade offering from Munetoshi. It's similar to the Yuki we offered but it's better. With short balance point, thin blade profile and 1075 spring steel, this sword is light, extremely fast and strong. It inherits the merits of Yuki and overcomes all Yuki weakness. It's designed for cutting light traditional target such as wara or omote tatami mat.

Whether you are cutting Wara Tatami or Tatami Omote this blade has almost no resistance when the edge alignment is correct. Trick cuts are extremely easy to perform and often times the mat is still standing after the cut is made. In short, cutting with this sword is extremely fun. This will be one of our best mat cutters.

Please note that this sword should never be used on hard targets.

Blade: The blade has been constructed from through hardened special mixed special steel with 0.7 Carbon content. It's strong and resilient. This extremely tough blade will not easily bend or take a set due to the superior heat treatment of the steel. This is a unique katana with unique geometry, extreme light weight, superior heat treatment, and superior handling. The blade comes full tang and very sharp.

Saya (Scab) : The saya features a glossy black lacquered finish and bull horn koiguchi. The sageo is high quality black cotton.

Handle : The tsuba is blackened steel in a bamboo cut out design. The handle features two smoked bamboo pins. The Ito (core wrap) is black cotton. The Sage is white authentic ray skin.

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