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Master Cutlery

When it comes to the knife manufacturing, Master Cutlery is truly a giant in the industry. Master Cutlery features a wide variety and is the biggest manufacturer of wholesale knives in the United States, with over 5,000 products available. Fixed blade and folding knives can be found for sale alongside martial arts equipment and tactical gear. In addition, Master Cutlery is extremely well known for the extremely detailed movie prop replicas it is licensed to sell. Keep reading to learn more about their movie props, military knives, and more.


Company Roots

Jackie Lee is the current Vice President of Operations at Master Cutlery. Her parents chose to immigrate to the United States from China and later founded the company in 1982. Master Cutlery was one of the first American companies to source knives from China. Thanks to their strong connections and relationships with Chinese knife manufacturers, the Lee family quickly turned their small family business into a large corporation.


Master Cutlery is based in Secaucus, New Jersey. Most of the company’s vast inventory is stored in its 100,000 square foot storage facility. As a supplier, Master Cutlery imports hundreds of products each year. In addition, the company develops and manufactures roughly 50 new products per month. Two popular in-house lines are Tac Force and MTech. Tac Force tools, in particular, have continued to grow and expand thanks to the exponential popularity of apocalyptic- and zombie-themed movies and television shows. Although some people may be drawn to tactical and survival gear due to aesthetics and design, buyers quickly realize just how useful these tools can be.


Master Cutlery is owned by Hollywood Collectables Group (HCG), which manufactures hundreds of movie prop replicas and fantasy collectibles. Thanks to their in-house warehouse, many of the items for sale through Master Cutlery are available for same-day or next-day shipping. As a supplier, it appears Master Cutlery will only continue to grow in popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, hobbyists, and more.


Media Replicas

Various sword manufacturers hold product licenses for prop replicas seen in films, television shows, and video games. The licenses can expire or be terminated, which means the manufacturer can no longer maker or sell authenticated products using that brand or show. Dealers and sellers, however, can sell any in-stock, pre-existing product along with its certificate of authenticity as long as it was not manufactured after the product license and partnership expired. Here is a sampling of the media replicas available, in a mix of current and expired product licenses:


1. Eragon

Eragon is a 2006 film from Twentieth Century Fox, by director Stefen Fangmeier. Based on the best selling novel (and first in a trilogy) written by author Christopher Paolini, this epic fantasy leads readers and viewers through the world of kings and dragons. A young farm boy, Eragon, befriends a dragon hatchling and quickly discovers the lost legacy of the Dragon Riders. Guided by an ancient sword and a storyteller’s advice, Eragon and the dragon cautiously explore the surrounding world, made treacherous by the evil king. Another key character, Arya, is a beautiful elf that was chosen to guard the stolen dragon egg, which contains the last hope to save the kingdom from ruin.


The world surrounding Eragon is rich and full of colorful characters. Each main character has a weapon of choice, which have been painstakingly recreated for sale as movie prop replicas. One of the most popular collection pieces is Arya’s dagger, a 17” overall sword which is made with a solid, wooden handle and stainless steel blade. Among others, you can also find the swords of Arya, Durza, Brom, and Zar’roc. Other collectibles include belts and miniature swords.


2. 47 Ronin

The samurai of Japan were typically organized according to their lord or master. The Ronin, however, were master-less. The 2013 film 47 Ronin depicts a fanaticized account of a group of 18th-century Ronin, who banded together to avenge their master’s death. Directed by Carl Rinsch and produced by Universal Studios, 47 Ronin was ultimately not a critical or commercial success. The many exquisite samurai swords used in the film, however, are highly sought after by collectors and sword enthusiasts.


Available props include a replica of the sword given to Kai by samurai master Oishi as well as a copy of the Asano Clan sword. This full tang katana is made with 1045 carbon steel, with a ray skin handle tied in black cord. The scabbard is wooden with a black splatter and burgundy leather finish.


3. AMC’s The Walking Dead

In this widely popular, post-apocalyptic television show, a small group of survivors band together against an uprising of zombies, or walkers. The show takes its name and premise from a comic book series written and developed by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. The Walking Dead first premiered in 2010 and is currently in its fifth season (2014-2015).


The main protagonist in The Walking Dead is Rick Grimes, who bonds with various characters along the way. Each character carries a weapon of choice to ward off and destroy the zombies, but a character named Michonne carries the most distinctive one. In season two, a protagonist named Andrea narrowly escapes death at Hershel’s Farm after a mysterious figure in a hood uses a katana to decapitate a walker. The hooded figure is later revealed as Michonne, who joins Rick Grimes and the rest of the cast as a major player in the following seasons. Throughout the series, Michonne is shown to be a skillful swordsman, and her fantasy long sword is one of the most requested replicas.


Michonne’s katana replicas are made of 1045 high carbon steel. The handle is covered with authentic ray skin and leather, and the sword comes with a commemorative stand for display purposes. The blade length is 27”, typical for katanas, with an overall sword length of nearly 42”.


Other Licenses

In addition to movie prop replicas, Master Cutlery is a licensed supplier for a handful of lines or brands of military and kitchen knives.


1. United States Army

Master Cutlery carries the largest selection of tactical U.S. Army knives. These are battle-ready but also good for everyday use. The entire line is made with 440 stainless steel, and many come with nylon sheaths or special accessories such as paracords. You can find folding knives and fixed blade knives for sale as well as spring-assisted knives. These weapons are spring-loaded to ensure ease of one-handed opening and use. Many of the folding knives are sturdy yet compact, made with a pocket clip for simple storage and access.


2. United States Marines

The U.S. Marines tactical knives are designed for comfort and ease of use. The grips are comfortable enough for extended use, and the blades are razor sharp to ensure the knife can handle just about any task you can imagine. These blades are often purchased by military professionals and members of the law enforcement, as well as by everyday knife users and enthusiasts. The licensed U.S. Marines blades available through Master Cutlery include fixed blade knives and survival knives. The USMC Elite Tactical Fixed Blade Knife has a 3.75” blade with an overall length of 8”. You can choose a black, dark green, wood-colored, or hunter’s orange handle, and most blades are darkened to avoid glare.


3. Top Chef

Cooking shows have always been popular with the American public, and there are numerous hit series broadcasting today. Bravo TV is the home to “Top Chef,” one of the most successful television cooking shows. Master Cutlery designers have developed a line of licensed “Top Chef” kitchen knives. The blades are varied in style but include a laser-engraved show logo and feature sharpened blades meant for control and precision. The blades are full steel and non-slip. You can purchase two-knife pairs or larger kitchen sets for use at home.


Other Products
In addition to licensed products, Master Cutlery offers a huge variety of swords, knives, and collectibles. Fantasy collections include dragonhead swords, dragon and coin-inspired jewelry, knife displays, and spider-crested knives. You can also find specialized medieval and Japanese swords. Specialty knives have also been manufactured for Field & Stream magazine. Folding knives are popular, as are the Field & Stream multi tools. These include many handyman or camping essentials, including a LED flashlight, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers, small knives, and a bottle opener.


The Z-Hunter line includes fixed blade knives, folding knives, spring-assisted knives and throwing knives. These are meant primarily for hunting, personal carry, and self-defense. Many of the Z-Hunter knives feature embellished or decorated handles to show off your tastes and personality.


If you know that you are more interested in martial arts than knife throwing or collecting, Master Cutlery has a wide selection of martial arts gear. You can select from a variety of uniforms, nunchakus, staffs, and wooden practice swords. In addition, Master Cutlery sells manriki chains, paired swords and kung fu fighting fans in addition to a myriad of other equipment.


No matter your interests or needs, Master Cutlery has you covered. This company offers a huge selection at affordable prices, making it possible for you to explore a new hobby or expand a current collection.