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Last Samurai Sword

The Last Samurai
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Finally a faithful reproduction of Captain Nathan Algren's sword from the Last Samurai is here. Now you can own a hand forged, fully functional exact replica of Captain Algren's Tachi that was made for him in the movie the Last Samurai. This sword is made by the Masahiro forge and no detail has been left out including the engraving of the samurai spirit on the side of the blade.

Masahiro Last Samurai Sword Features:

* Hand forged HCS 1065 high carbon steel blade
* Made in the Shinogi Zukui shape
* Tri polished mirror finish on Shinogi-ji
* Japanese engraving on blade (Since whose serve with dignity and honor)
* Tsuka features Japanese silk and authentic rayskin wrap
* Black lacquered wood saya with sageo and leather tachi sling
* Last Samurai tsuba
* Comes with cotton sword bag
* An authentic replica of Nathan Algren sword from Last Samurai
* Fully Functional


Blade: 28"
Tsuka: 10.5"
Overall: 40"
Weight: 2.5 Lbs

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Had for over a year, love it
PB (Canada) 4/6/2017 8:12 AM
I bought a set of two of these for me and a close friend as our first actual Katana swords. I ended up with the wrong swords at first, but this company happily exchanged them for me so I got the right ones. Notes: It is a consumer sword, so things like the fake ray-skin, cotton cord wraps, one-type steel blade and fake Hamon are expected. Pros: Razor sharp. Tsuba is accurate to the movie. Cord wrappings are excellent, cuts very nicely and everything was such a tight fit that I almost thought the blade was glued into the handle! But it comes apart, witch is excellent, but you'll need tools and care not to damage the sword. It is also the only sword I've seen other than some Tachi swords to have a leather piece on the Saya. And, the engraving is quite nice. There is no plastic on this sword. Cons: Not much. These things are very minor. One of the Menuki had some of the gold-colored plating chipped off on delivery, and the Shitodome (Shethe cord knob gold accents) were loose, but very easy to glue in with dollar store super glue. No real big deal. The black on the tsuba seems to rub off a bit, revealing it to be slightly more of a black-weathered brass look. However, some may like this look. And finally, I find the Kashira / Fuchi to be too dark in contrast with the Habaki and Seppa. Unless you want a competition grade sword, or your extremely picky about aesthetics, then this sword is perfect. Especially for its price. Its good as a show piece, and for light cutting. I love this sword, highly recommended.
Great Sword For The Price
Lyle D. Yates (Ohio) 12/3/2016 12:55 PM
I practice Tameshigiri and I have to say, swords used for this practice take a beating, and so does this sword. In my opinion, it is under priced. I've had mine now for two years and use it on occasion for cutting tatami and it's still going strong. Fit and finish are great. The only things I had to do when I first received it was to shim the Tsuba to suit my personal preferences and even though it came sharp, I touched the edge up to a "micro-edge" for easier cutting. Great Sword For The price.
Great sword!
Romel (Philippines) 12/28/2015 7:18 PM
I receive this sword w/o rattle or shake.No loose fittings and the blade itself is sharp.very nice sword for display.