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Masahiro Elite Musashi Katana Samurai Sword (27")

Masahiro Elite Musashi Katana Samurai Sword (27")

Brown cotton ito and sageo Musashi style double ring Tsuba
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Product Description

Masahiro Elite Musashi Katana Samurai Sword Features:

Hand forged, Carbon steel blade with Hi (Fully sharpened)
Brown cotton ito and sageo
Musashi style double ring Tsuba
Brown matte finish wood saya
Extra long, double pegged Tsuka with authentic rayskin wrap
Black sword bag included


Blade: 27"
Handle: 14 1/2"
Overall: 43"
Weight: Approx. 2.04 Lbs

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Amazing !!!
Dominic (Long island,new york) 1/13/2017 3:17 PM
First off, shipping was super fast only 2 days ! Secondly, the quality and beauty of this piece was way more than i expected and im in love.thank you so much !
NIcely done
H . Wesley (NC) 8/2/2015 12:37 AM
As a western fencer my whole life I am not the most perfect user of the Samurai weapon, but in Aikido we practiced with the Iaido dull blades and I love the feel of the weapon in my hand, as my rifle did during my time in combat, so to has this weapon of war, but of this weapon it took that hold on me telling me its secrets both good and not so good, I was disappointed when it came to practise cutting and that's about it negatively speaking, I like to go through my recently made Kata with it daily sometimes several times to focus and release un-needed anger build up with my PTSD. I want to become an Iaido and kendo person but am hundreds of miles from anything or one other than my brother who to uses an eastern Sword, it dones become apart of me like they say of the Katanas being a warriors soul but I think this is just one part being used in that capacity, I have years more study based on what they used to do all the time rather than go to the internet to watch tricks, no more like Musashi and many others contemporary of him I take what I know and now apply it to myself waiting to be taken all he way in in the way many do about the soul and a mans Sword, so as a beginner I use a begginers weapon but make no doubt once I know my weapon as well as my self I will be able to get a weapon worthy to envelop all of my spirit body and mind, so Domo and I look forward to seeing the likes of the instruction books from the Yagu clans and the Five rings etc JA-NE
Love this sword
Ron (Maryland ) 4/19/2015 9:14 AM
Iv had this for a while now almost a year Iv used it mainly for practice draw cutting Iv kept it well maintained with oil and Polish looks brand new stil there's no damage on the blade even after clearing some tree branches near my house that were in danger of falling all around great look and feel.
Jared (Weston) 5/9/2014 12:23 AM
just received this sword today beautiful piece the only issue i have is the initial dis assembly was very difficult. over all a beautiful piece this was my first time ordering from swords of the east and i wont be my last
elite "Ten Ryu"
fred kirby (cleveland) 2/17/2012 12:27 AM
I received this sword and was quiet "surperized" I was not expecting the qualitey it had,I liked it so much that I sharped it "WOW" this thing will cut typeing paper like a paper sherader not to mention anything else you may strike with it,full fuction at it's best,My sword was not a Masahiro it's a Ten Ryu,I love it non the less and plan on buying from these people again,The quaitley and fuction of this sword at the price is unbleiveable, I have sword's I paid hundred's for that this "Ten Ryu" is comprable to,, worth every penny of your investment at $69.99.You do not have to sharpen it like I've done mine because mine came quiet sharp already but I like mine razor sharp, this was done with very little work with my finest India whent stone,Love this peice,So grab one at this price you won't be sorry."I Promise you that"