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Masahiro Elite Fuji Katana Samurai Sword (26 1/2")

Masahiro Elite Fuji Katana Samurai Sword (26 1/2")

Hand forged, Carbon steel blade with Hi (Fully sharpened)
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Product Description

Masahiro Elite Fuji Katana Samurai Sword

Hand forged, Carbon steel blade with Hi (Fully sharpened)
Blood red cotton ito and sageo
Tsuba displays fuji on one side and a Japanese general on opposite
Black lacquered wood saya with red "claw" lacquer
Extra long, double pegged Tsuka with authentic black rayskin wrap
Black sword bag included


Blade: 26 1/2"
Handle: 14 1/2"
Overall: 44"
Weight: 2.3 Lbs

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Great Looking Katana for the Price
Marcus (San Francisco Bay Area) 1/31/2014 3:32 AM
First of all, it was really fast delivery. I opted for standard shipping and it still got here within 5 business days. Thanks SOTE! The Elite Fuji is a wonderful sword for $70. I bought my girlfriend this sword about a year ago from SOTE and I have always been envious, so I had to own one for myself! I own many Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto, of various price ranges and quality, and this sword fits very nicely in my collection. I am a practitioner as well, and all of my swords have been put through the paces. For the price, the fittings (fuchi, menuki, kashira)are very aesthetic. Don't expect museum quality fittings for $70! The Tsuba is very nicely done and antiqued (I love the design of Mt. Fuji). The tsuka is solid and has two mekugis (Mine were flush and well seated). The red wrap on black same is very easy on the eyes and fits nicely in the hands. I believe the sword can be fully disassembled, but I have not attempted it yet. I love the extra long 14" length of the tsuka; combined with the 26.5 nagasa it makes for a very nicely balanced and quick blade. It feels good in the hands and wants to cut. The blade itself is quite good for what you pay for. It is an artificial hamon, but again for the price you are not going to get a differentially treated blade. With that being said, the forged carbon steal blade is well made and it holds an edge quite well. The Bo-hi is pleasing to the eye and makes the blade that much lighter to handle. It cut paper like a razor. I think it will do quite well in tameshigiri with tatame omote. The saya is really unique and cool looking... my girlfriend calls the red slashes on the black lacquered finish... claw marks.... I love that woman... lol. Bottom line: If you are looking for a very nice, unique looking katana, at a more then reasonable price; that is solid and functional, you can't go wrong with Elite Fuji. Thank you SOTE for offering it at such a competitive price.
Its pretty dang impressive.
Mikey (MO) 6/22/2013 7:02 PM
Looks just like the picture. Could't ask for a better sword for the price. Really is a great buy. Shipping was fast and the customer service was fantastic!
Great backyard cutter for the price
Will (California) 4/4/2013 2:35 PM
I purchased this sword knowing that the price I was paying, I was not expecting a flawless blade. The blade is pretty sharp and perfect for backyard cutting. I didn't have any problems with the menuki pegs like the previous review, mine were all flush and all the fittings are tight and so is the tsuba. The extra long handle helps control the Katana better and is better for newbies using the sword for control. For the price, this is really a great sword and it looks awesome too. I'm very pleased with Sword of the East and they provide excellent customer service.
Swords Of The East
SOTE (SOTE STAFF) 12/21/2012 9:27 AM
Just to clear up that statement. Ten Ryu has bought Masahiro. They are making the swords in the same forge the same way, just packaging them in Ten Ryu boxes now. So if you buy any Masahiro sword now it will have a Ten Ryu box. We just wanted to clear that up.
Impressive, But Flawed.
Kai (Utah) 12/13/2012 2:05 AM
I just received two of these amazing pieces from SOTE. Very elegant, detailed workmanship. Admirably sharp for what I intend to use it for. I do not regret the purchase. The only con's are: 1. It is NOT Masahiro. It came in a Ten Ryu box, and has Ten Ryu markings. 2. The Double peg's are not flush, they poke out from the handle and were loose on one blade. 3. The very bottom of the handle is not brass, or any kind of metal, it is some kind of plastic. 4. The menuki are also plastic. All in all, I would highly recommend this blade if you don't happen to be extremely picky about quality.