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Lorica Hamata - Officer

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The Lorica Hamata is a type of Chainmail armor used during the Roman Republic at late periods as a standard-issue armor for the secondary troops (Auxilia). They were mostly manufactured out of bronze or iron. This Officer's version othe Lorica Hamata is very similar to our regular one with more embellishing. Chainmail was worn by Roman troops before the introduction of the superior Lorica Segmentata, or segmented plates of armor. Our replica is superb, made of 18 gauge 9mm steel rings. Premium leather trim lines the neck and the shoulder flaps. This set is fully wearable and can be put on display.

  • 18 Gauge steel butted 9mm rings

  • Galvanized to help prevent rust

  • Will fit chest sizes 40-48"

  • Weighs 25 lbs.

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