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Limited Edition Ocean Wakizashi

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The "Wakizashi" or Short Sword was worn with the longer katana, when the pair matched in theme they were considered a Daisho. However, when the katana was surrendered upon entering a home the wakizashi was not, making it truly the side-arm of the Samurai!

This sword features an ocean theme, with a nami or wave tsuba and turbulent water fuchi and kashira. The blade is hand forged and differentially hardened DNH7 high carbon steel. Each blade is hand polished using traditional stones and powders to produce an authentic look. This sword features a full length bo-hi or fuller to lighten and balance the blade. The hi continues through the habaki and into the nakago, with the copper habaki forged to follow the hi.

The tsuka is carved to each individual sword ensuring a tight friction fit with a full same-gawa wrap. The ito or handle wrapping is natural white silk imported from Japan, the ito is dyed with tea to give it a slight tan color that will darken a bit with use. 

The saya is lacquered in a deep midnight blue with a same-gawa or sting ray skin wrap. Each saya is carved for the individual sword ensuring a proper snug fit.

These are extremely limited in numbers to be produced (20 only!). Each blade is signed on the tang with the model and number and includes a stamped certificate of authenticity.

Overall: 29 1/2"
Blade Length: 21 1/4"
Weight: 1lb 7oz
Blade Steel: DNH7

  • Limited Edition (20 only)
  • Hand Forged Blade
  • Hand Carved Pure Iron Fittings

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Excellent modern Wakizashi
Micah Hurst (Texas ) 11/14/2020 2:03 PM
The Citadel Ocean Wakizashi is a Excellent modern reproduction! I am a collector of antique samurai swords. I must say that this wakizashi is built extremely well. Almost built a well as my antique swords. If you are interested in a real sword for Tameshigiri and Japanese sword fighting? This is the sword for you! You won’t be disappointed.