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Kouga Ninja-To

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CAS / Hanwei
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SH2430 -- Kouga Ninja-To

Free copy of 'The Kouga Ninja Scrolls' included in the first 250 Kouga and Iga Ninja-To!

The neighboring Kouga and Iga clans of feudal Japan were bitter enemies for centuries and their warring Ninja families have been immortalized in Japanese literature. To commemo- rate these secretive warriors we have introduced our Kouga and Iga Ninja-To.

The Kouga features a Tsuka with a battle wrap over black rayskin and Kouga Mon Menuki. The blackened iron Tsuba features the Kouga Mon and pierced Kanji, a theme repeated on the Fuchi/Kashira. The Kanji and Mon are also employed on the blackened fittings of the spiked Saya. The Kouga features a forged high carbon blade, differentially quenched to an edge hardness of 60HRc.

Essential tool for the Ninjutsu practitioner.

Made by Hanwei.

Key Features:

* Forged high-carbon steel blade
* High quality fittings
* Battle wrap tsuka

Overall length: 33 1/2"
Blade length: 22"
Handle length: 11"
Weight: 2lb 3oz

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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