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Komoran kenshin Katana

Komoran Kenshin Katana features: * Hand forged and folded (300 Layers) carbon steel blade (Sharpened) * Prominent Hada * Mark of the Komoran etched into the blade * Tsuba displays Uesugi Kenshin on horseback * Cotton cord and ra
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The Legend of the Komoran

In ancient Japan, the Komoran was revered as a fearsome bird of prey. Its tenacity and courage were unsurpassed by its competitors. The Komoran stalked its prey swiftly and silently through the forests and fields with its killing instrument: Its bill was strong, sharp and deadly and would deliver its fatal blow by driving its hardened bill through its prey.

The Samurai viewed the Komoran as an omen of good luck and strength. Before eminent war, the Samurai looked for the Komoran, because they believed it was a sign of certain victory and the absolute defeat of their enemies. Many etched the symbol of the Komoran into the blades of their swords believing it would provide courage in battle, harden the blade like the bird of preys bill, and deliver certain death to their enemies.

This katana is perfect for anyone who appreciates samurai swords.

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