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Japanese Imperial Series



Cold Steel's Imperial Series of Japanese swords represents a premium level of traditional features in tough, durable, and beautifully finished samurai weapons. The blades of this series are razor sharp 1050 carbon steel, which are heat treated to a spring temper. These blades are carefully and expertly hand-polished, with a gorgeous mirror finish applied to the Hi (groove).

The fittings used in the Imperial series echo the authentic materials used in traditional Japanese swords. The Tsuba, Kashira, and Fuchi are finely crafted by experts in black iron. The Habaki is made by hand in polished brass, and each Tsuka features genuine ray skin Same' with traditionally wrapped, braided black cord Ito. Further enhancing the traditional aesthetic is a beautfiul Menuki done in brass.

Swords Of The East is proud to offer these premium Japanese samurai swords from Cold Steel. Each piece comes with a beautfiully lacquered Saya and violet sword bag, and we are sure you'll be impressed with the quality of fittings and blade tempering in the Imperial Series.