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When you think of a Cold Steel katana, you first think of durability. The Cold Steel Forge has a reputation for being the maker of the toughest knives and swords in the industry. Along with designing their samurai weapons for endurance, the Forge has taken great care to anticipate the needs of its audience, and to assimilate the atmosphere surrounding modern production of Japanese weapons in creating the Dragonfly Series.


According to their designers, CS saw a need for a longer, thicker-bladed interpretation of traditional Japanese swords, and filled that niche with two beautiful blades: the Dragonfly Katana, and the Dragonfly Wakizashi.  These blades reflect the same premium quality seen in the Imperial Series in terms of heat treatment, high-quality furnishings, and wonderful blade polish, but the geometry of the blades reflects this newer niche aesthetic. They are wider, heavier, thicker, and designed to provide warriors of today with a more solid and sizable weapon than their smaller "historical counterparts" had access to.


The Series departs from the Imperial Series in a few important details. There is a distinctive silk ito and authentic ray skin same done in teal green and black, respectively. The black iron furniture of course shows a dragonfly motif, and you will notice that the blade itself has a deeper curvature that ends in a very long iris leaf point to improve cutting and maximize power. To complete this offering, Cold Steel includes a blue travel bag as well as an intricately designed decorative display bag made from and thick, heavy, premium quality silk metallic brocade.