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Japanese Classic Iaito Series


Hanwei Classic Iaito  Series

CAS /Hanwei has recently made some exciting improvements and additions across their entire line of Japanese swords. Hanwei's Iaito Series has traditionally made a unique offering to the Martial Arts community - a very affordable, high quality training sword with features representing a true breakthrough in functionality and design.  Now reborn as part of the CAS / Hanwei Classic Series, these superb training swords feature detailed improvements and a higher standard of blade polish. The special stainless steel used brings a live, wobble-free feel to the iaito blade with more durability than aluminum alloy counterparts.  A tempering process is used that removes the brittle behavior characteristic of stainless steel, and yet retains the benefits of rust resistance and low maintenance, making these tools ideal for safely practicing the art of Iaido.

  • Nami
  • Gorin
  • Tsuru
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