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Hota-Tegai Katana

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Sky Jiro
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Wow, that is all I can say about this katana. We get a lot of requests for red swords that are high grade folded steel. This is sure to satisfy those needs. The red color looks absolutely incredible. The looks are only
the surface level of what makes this sword special.

It is a true tamahagane forge folded blade. Look at the pictures that highlight the quality and grain of the steel. It is a wonderful piece that is not to be missed. The hamon also looks brilliant. What a sword.

Forged Folded .65% High Carbon Steel. Special SkyJiro Proprietary Hamon.

Mirror Polish

Blade Length: 29-3/8"
Overall Length: 40"
Tsuka: 10-1/2"
Weight: 3.3"

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