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Hissatsu - Razor Edge - Black

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Columbia River Knife and Tool
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Japanese swordsmithing dates back to 645 A.D. and has a proud craft tradition. Several years ago, we were asked to create a production fixed blade following these design traditions for ceremonial and martial arts use. The result was the First Strike 2705, which has proven very popular. We had immediate requests for larger and smaller versions, so we introduced the 2706 with a 5.50 blade and the 2703 with a 3.125 blade.

The First Strike quickly developed a following among military and special services operators, so this year we are also offering a military OD version of the 2705, with non-reflective black EDP blade and Olive Drab cord wrap.

These are unique knifes in the CRKT catalog, including their blade grinds, edges, and hand-wrapped handles. They are knives different in almost every way from familiar Western knives.

The blades are 440A stainless steel in a satin finish. The blade shape is a combination of the ancient chokuto straight sword and the classic mohora-zukuri double edge tanto. The grind is a convex zero edge, or appleseed cross section, resulting in an edge that is much stronger than taper or hollow grinds. The massive blade thickness continues through the tapered full tang, resulting in incredible strength from tip to butt.

The striking handles are a traditional Japanese cord wrap, resin impregnated, with black ray skin underlays. Combined with the pommel, they provide an amazing level of grip.

We have designed a series of custom injection molded ZytelÃî sheaths for the First Strikes. They firmly grip the knives, left or right, and have removable belt clips plus multiple slots and holes allowing almost infinite carry options on belts, clothing or gear.

Despite their ceremonial and martial arts origins, these are heavy duty knives with great everyday utility.

2907K: Black EDP finish, black handle
Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge
Weight: 8.0 oz. (227 g)
Blade: Length: 7.125 (18.1 cm)
Thickness: 0.20 (0.55 cm)
Steel: 440A, 55-57 HRC

This is also available in a normal steel color as well. Swords of the East is now carrying a selection of knives, don't forget to check out our huge selection of japanese samurai swords and katana for sale.

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