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Higo-Kanji Sword
Higo-Kanji Sword

Higo-Kanji Sword

Higo-Kanji Sword
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Sky Jiro
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The Higo-Kanji Sword is a beautiful authentic sword. It features a wide Gunome Hamon blade that is hand forged from Tamahagane steel and has a Chu-kissaki tip. The blade measures 2.4 Shaku, or 28.5" long. It is Traditionally Water Hardened & Clay Differential Tempered, and then polished. The metal fittings are hand carved sterling silver. The menuki has a geometric design and it has a Moko-Sukashi Tsuba. The Tsuka is covered in cream sting ray skin and wrapped in red silk. They saya features a metallic plum lacquer and black sageo. This sword has the Kinzan Master Smith Signature on the Nakago. It is a special order item, please allow 14 business days for delivery.

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