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Hawei Practical Viking Sword

Viking Sword
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The Practical Viking sword is based on the Hanwei Godfred sword, whose design originated in 9th century Scandinavia. The lobate pommel and down-turned guard are typical of Viking swords of the period, as is the broad blade with its deep, full-length fullers. The sword is well-balanced and, with a weight slightly over 2 lbs., it is very quick.

The Hanwei Practical broadsword (SH2047) is based on authentically styled swords in their collection but they are tailored to meet the needs of re-enactment and stage combat. These very popular and affordable weapons feature authentic hilt styling, with fully tempered un-edged and un-pointed blades. They are designed to withstand rugged use while providing the level of safety required by many of todays re-enactment societies. The blades are crafted from 1065 high-carbon steel, hardened to 50HRC, which restricts edge-notching to acceptable levels while providing resilience and protection against brittleness. While the blades are substantial, they are fullered to provide balance and good handling characteristics. They feature 1/16 wide edges and rounded tips for safety. The tangs are also substantial, with radiused corners at the blade shoulders and no welds. The end of the tang is riveted over the pommel, which both eliminates any possibility of inadvertent disassembly and provides a traditional means of tightening a loose hilt. The hardwood grips are leather-covered. The scabbards are fabricated in glass-filled resin, to provide great impact resistance, to eliminate swelling and to minimize blade corrosion problems. The scabbards now feature belt rings that adjust to allow vertical or horizontal carry. The wood-grain finish is attractive, but most re-enactors will decorate the scabbard to match their persona.

Made by Hanwei

Hanwei Practical Viking Sword features:

1065 high carbon steel fullered and unedged blade
Rounded tip
1/16 wide edges helps prevent edge notching
radiused corners at the blade shoulders and no welds
Leather covered hardwood handle
End of the tang is riveted over the pommel
Glass-filled resin scabbard with wood grain finish
Great for re-enactors and stage combat

Overall length: 33 1/2"
Blade length: 28"
Handle length: 5 3/4"
Weight: 2lb 2oz
Thickness at Guard: .20
Box height: 42"
Box width: 4 1/4"

This is an excellent Viking sword

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