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practical pro elite katana
practical pro elite katanaElite Practical Pro Katana

Hanwei Practical Pro Elite Katana

New Japanese Katana With Extended Tsuka and 29" Blade
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CAS / Hanwei
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CAS / Hanwei: Elite Series

Product Description

This is a spectacular heavy duty cutting katana from Hanwei. It has an extremely strong and durable cutting geometry that allows it to go through very tough hard targets and go through like butter. Cas Hanwei Paul Chen swords

are known for their high quality craftsmanship and ability to stand the test of time. If you are looking for a professional grade sword, this is an excellent option!

The Practical Pro Elite Katana from Hanwei has an extended tsuka and a thicker and longer (29) Performance Series blade with a finer polish when compared to others in the Practical series. Designed for multiple cuts in normal targets, the blade of the Practical Pro Elite katana is forged in high-carbon steel. The rayskin-covered tsuka is wrapped with cotton ito and is double-pegged for safety. The saya is finished in a deep black lacquer with a black Japanese cotton sageo. The katana features a Kuruma tsuba, which represents the Wheel of Dharma, symbolizing the Buddhist concept of the Noble Eightfold Path.

Overall: 44
Blade Length: 29
Handle Length: 14
Weight: 2lb 13oz
Point of Balance: 4"
Width at Guard: 1.40"
Width at Tip: 1.05"
Thickness at Guard: .30"
Thickness at Tip: .20"
Sori: 3/4"

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Heavy duty cutter!
Kame Shimayama (San Francisco) 12/22/2022 5:07 PM
This sword is a beast. It's essentially a dotanuki, it's designed for fighting and cutting through bone without damaging the blade. When i put it on the rack next to my other swords, it's way thicker and beefier than the rest of them. That width transfers to the nagako too, so maybe not the best choice if you have small hands because the tsuka is a lot chonkier than any of my other swords too, but in my large hands it is very comfortable. I bought this one because I didn't like the tacky plastic samegawa and pleather itomaki on the practical pro, but the elite definitely corrects all the problems that the practical pro had.