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Hand Forged Damascus Steel Tachi

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Ten Ryu
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Hand Forged Damascus Steel Tachi Features:

The Ten Ryu swords are our newest arrivals to Swords Of The East.
Hand forged thick damascus steel blade
Extreme curve to the blade
Great pattern
Super sharp hand sharpened blade
Silver metal tsuba
Rayskin and green cotton wrapped handle
Black lacquered wood scabbard with tachi sling and mounts
Excellent sword for collectors
Incredibly detailed fittings

Blade: 27"
Handle: 9 1/2"
Overall: 37 1/2"
Weight: 2.4 Lbs

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a cutter like no other
tiefen von fathom (catskill mtns new york) 5/22/2017 6:34 AM
this tachi out classes every other sword ive ever held including cold steels 1055 katanas I can not put into words how impressed I am with this sword if I didn't know the price id easily rate this sword at 500 dollars minimum just from how it performs and I also vouch that this tachi is the finest 1060 sword on the market today hats off to the master smith who forged this sword at ten ryu I will be buying more from SOTE for sure
TR014BK Very Dark Green cord Tachi
Jacques Navarre (Ft Washington, Maryland) 3/28/2014 2:09 AM
I have been making knives since 1968 ....this Tachi is outstanding....usually when I order a "knife" I will start to polish it to bring it up to mirror finish...some times I'll spend 50 hours hand polishing even a 7" dagger ....its a labor of love there is no money in it...this weapon is impressive.I am almost afraid to use even #3000 paper on it to bring it to optical reflective level--I don't want to round off any of the lines of this blade's geometry!....{this is my 6th Samurai sword purchase} ....this is my first: laminated steel weapon is sharper than I can make a blade,I kid you not!...the shipping got it to me 4 full days before I expected it!--- even though it was sent to me the least expensive method...amazing....Question is---is there a wakasashi mate that can be ordered to match this?..if there is I'll buy it!.......Thanks James yer the best!.....................Say Bum Jacques Navarre
Jager (SC) 12/19/2013 11:27 AM
I ordered a Musashi katana that was pretty nice for the money but the other katana was backordered so I decided to go with the Ten Ryu Tachi as a replacement upon the recommendation of a friend.It was just a little more money but looked nice and was a handforged Damascus blade,which I didn't have.Boy am I glad I did.This blade is so superior to the Musashi I can't believe the price is so insignificantly higher.Everything about this sword is superior and I am quite impressed with the blade.The layering is pronounced and obviously hand forged yet extremely sharp.It slices paper effortlessly as well as 4 inch bamboo.The fittings and workmanship is excellent,comparing to other blades costing FOUR times as much.If you don't have any of these Ten Ryu blades,you're missing out!I plan to sell several in my collection and replace them with Ten Ryu blades,I am that impressed.We had a shipping problem but it was the fault of the shipper and James took care of it fairly quickly.I recommend buying here and will do so again.You can't go wrong.