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Hanabira Katana

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Sky Jiro
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Ashigaru class:

These Sky Jiro swords have been a huge hit at Swords Of The East, and it is not difficult to see why. They are serious katana that will really impress anyone.

Swords designed for the Japanese sword enthusiast, as well as the martial artist who enjoys cutting tatami omote and bamboo targets. Superior durability, strong enough to handle arduous cutting competitions, or the weekend back yard cutting event. Guaranteed to perform and pass the test of time with edge holding endurance.

This "Dojo" sword grade has three blade levels, all hand forged from an excellent grade of .65% high carbon steel. First, mono steel through hardened, next Mono steel with a special proprietary hardening technique, and last a folded steel with the same special hardening process. All swords are mirror polished and assembled for individuals who want excellent craftsmanship and performance for a great value. We offer this grade for Iaido training as well, with or without a Bo hi, and a safe edge.

The Ashigaru class sword is an example of classic clean and simple Japanese design , with excellent construction. The blades have correct geometry, perfect balance of hardness to flexibility ratio in an economy grade sword. The handles are made to a strict standard for comfort and durability. This line is for anyone who wants a practical sword at a phenomenal price.

Hanabira (Flower Petals)-Forged.65% mono high carbon steel Special SkyJiro proprietary Hamon

Craftsmanship/Design Grade: [Dojo Grade]
Sword Type: Shinken (Razor Sharp Katana) / Iaido (Shap Edged Katana) / Iaito (Practice Katana) / Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship) / Kendo (Traditional Swordsmanship)
Sword Weight: 1.1kilo = 2lbs4oz without bohi, with bo hi 2lbs (Without Saya)
Overall: 104cm/40inch with Saya (Scabbard)
Nagasa(Blade length): 28.4/29/30inch -respectively
Tsuka(Handle length): 10.6/11/11.5inch -respectively
Kasane(Thickness): 9/32" (at Habaki)
Blade Made: SkyJiro Forge’s .65% High Carbon Mono Steel
Yaki(Hardness): SkyJiro Forge’s Special Proprietary Hamon (Skyjiro Forge’s Secret Ancient Hardening Method )
Blade Polish: SkyJiro Forge’s Hand-Mirror Polish, with Japanese Water Stone
Kanagu(Tsuba/Fuchi/Kashira/ Menuki): SkyJiro Forge’s Bronze
Habaki/Seppas: SkyJiro Forge’s Bronze
Samé: Genuine Stingray Skin
Tsuka Ito/Sageo: Genuine Japanese man made silk
Tsuka: Hard Wood Handle
2x Mekugi: SkyJiro Forge’s Bamboo Wood
Saya(Scabbard): premium grade wood & lacquer with genuine Water Buffalo-Horn fittings
Special Note: SkyJiro Forge’s “Fully Functional Hand-made Premium High Carbon Mono Steel Sword with SkyJiro Forge’s Special Proprietary Hamon & Razor Sharp Ha (Edge).” “These swords are guaranteed to cut Tatami!”

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Trevor scott (Omaha, Ne) 2/10/2017 1:02 PM
I've owned my hanabira for 3 years and it has held up to anything I've cut with it. It's designed for cutting tatami but I've put it to 2 1/2 maple and 5 gallon paint buckets. It is mono steel but differentially hardened not through hardened. Be careful you can bend or twist the blade. I recommend only expert cutting for this weapon. If your a beginner I recommend a 9260 spring steel katana.
Way more than I expected
David Grindle (Motorcity) 4/9/2015 5:34 PM
This katana holds its edge better than I ever expected, and it's balence garners respect. Definitely a weapon to be respected.