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Generation2 BWT Katana Sword 

For buyers interested in competition level cutting swords that are both light and extremely strong, Gen 2 (especially their BWT katana) is an excellent choice. 

Currently redesigned by Gen 2 (after listening to customer feedback) for increased balance and added strength, the BWT features an increased tang for a lighter feeling, faster sword. The updated curvature of the blade adds extra power for a sword that is perfect to use for tameshigeri.

The balance and the weight of the BWT katana has also been maximized for cutting power in combination with the thinner blade to allow for speed of cutting. This applies for use on many different types of targets of varying levels of thickness. Many users say that during cutting, the BWT katana does most of the work for you—a huge advantage when making multiple cuts during competition. 

The leather wrap of the BWT handle is of particular note, as it will not come unfixed during fighting or tameshigiri use. The hamon is also light, clean and visible to show off a tempering that is both classical in nature and powerful in usage. 

Finally, the staff at Gen 2 are truly obsessed with customer satisfaction as is evidenced by the fact that the latest BWT is based largely on feedback from use by customers in the dojo and competition.  They continually seek feedback and are working to include future customization based on these requests.

Take a look at some of the comments experienced users have made about the Gen2 BWT Katana:

     "e;Your BWT katana performed great! It was one of the best cutters, up there with the antique Japanese blades we were using, and much better than any comparable

sword we used and even one of the higher mid ranged swords that we used."e;


“All I can say is WOW! This cuts like a dream. As an instructor of Nanashi Iaido…

I have cut with several different brands of katanas. From inexpensive blades

to katanas that cost in the thousands. This BWT is up there with ones costing

10 times as much. I was extremely impressed with the balance and weight of

the katana. The blade is thin and very strong. Great for competition cutting.”


“Overall I would have to say that the sword is an excellent buy for the money,

and that finally someone has some good competition to what is out there.”


The BWT Ninja Sword is equally as impressive:

 “This sword is fantatstic...authentically styled with a razor-sharp edge...full-tang strength and great attention to the details. I haven't seen a better ninja sword for the money"e;


The Generation2 BWT has now been endorsed by Kyoshi Mark E. Randolph, founder of the International Katsujinken Kenjutsu Kendo Federation. 

                  Read Kyoshi Randolph's recommendation here.