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Edo Samurai Sword

This Samurai Sword is an excellent value
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Edo Samurai Sword Features:

* Hand forged carbon steel blade with Hi (Fully Sharpened)
* Cotton cord wrapped handle with authentic rayskin underlay (double pegged)
* Lacquered wood saya
* Metal tool knife with crane motif fits into saya
* Metal tsuba with antiqued silver finish and crane motif
* Black lacquered wood saya
* Comes with sword bag
These samurai swords are worth collecting


Blade: 28"
Handle: 11"
Overall: 40.5"
Weight: 2.4 Lbs

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I would buy a second!
Battousai (Wausau,WI) 6/18/2016 3:39 AM
The quality of this katana far exceeded my expectations. Every aspect was immaculate; For the price, and the quality of craftsmanship: this blade is a stellar deal. i literally want two!
Great start!
WaltP (North Carolina) 3/26/2015 9:51 PM
This was my first sword ever and I was very happy with it I have done some cutting and I love it! Thank SOTE especially James for helping me with sword #2 satisfied customer
worth purchasing
Miki (Sveden) 6/7/2014 4:23 AM
Definitely a sword that is worth to own it looks better than most of the sword in the higher price range.I had no high expectations for this sword,not at all,however happy suprised.Tsuka with tight tsuka maki,Tsuba is OK and sit tight(truly!),a little more weight foreward on the blade therefore may feel a little heavier in the hand,in Tameshigiri completely OK (for this money!),the only thing that I can assign a minus,in such cases(if I should be now really grumpy old man)its the small knife on the saya-Kogatana,the blade on it is pathetic made(Now I mean really Pathetic)​​but this should be all. Recommends,especially for beginners excellent for a small amount of money as the first destructive Sword in tameshigiri without spilling any tears.Or: why not remove the sharp edge with a file and have it as a pure Iaido sword, it is still cheaper than most of those Iaido sword anyway.